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You might already know what autoimmune diseases are, but hey, are you aware that chronic inflammation can be a cause of it?

But, reduced salt intake and some workouts can help you tackle and even do away with it.

Read on to find out how:

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Stop, stop! Monsoon makes you vulnerable to a lot of deadly diseases including the Zika virus.

Many of you might already familiar with the name thanks to the recent spread in Kerala but did you know Zika does not have any apparent symptoms?

Read our detailed coverage on what signs to watch out for and how to protect your loved ones from this silent threat.

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You love ‘detoxifying’ your body at least twice a week - eat fresh and only rely on things that are the apparent “fruits of nature!”

But, have you ever given it a thought on what good it really does to your body?

Can a few weeks of clean eating offset the countless cheese-burst pizzas or frittatas?

Know more:

P.S. Don’t forget to share with all the ‘diet-conscious’ ones in your family

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Breast carcinoma is one of the most prevailing diseases in the world.

Globally, 2.3 million women are diagnosed with breast cancer annually. Breast cancer occurs when abnormal growth of the breast cells forms multiple tumours.

The conventional methods of treatment for breast cancer include chemotherapy, surgery or radiation therapy.

Read more:

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The recent news of Hina Khan, a prominent Indian television actress, being diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer has come as a shock to many.

What caused the dynamic young lady to fall prey to this deadly ailment? Is it just a hectic lifestyle, or could it be something more?

Breast cancer often comes with signs one might often pass off as “normal” or a part of hormonal changes.

Read more:

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