In Nainital, a young boy named Arjun was fascinated by languages and English translations. He learned about invasive species and their conservation efforts from two travelers. Arjun overheard a conversation about the mission to eradicate these species, which he was unfamiliar with but was intrigued by. This encounter sparked his interest in understanding the nuances of languages and their translations into Hindi.


Arjun, using his grandfather's English-to-Hindi dictionary, discovered the Hindi meaning of Eradicate नष्ट करना, which translates to completely destroy or remove. Excited by his new knowledge, Arjun recorded this in his notebook dedicated to new words.


Arjun's instructor launched a project on environmental protection at school the following day. Arjun made the decision to concentrate his research on the detrimental effects of invading species and the significance of attempting to eradicate them. He told his students, the eradicate meaning in Hindi is नष्ट करना, which is exactly what we need to do to these harmful species to preserve our natural biodiversity.


Arjun's project sparked discussions among classmates, highlighting the importance of understanding and action in both languages. His teacher praised his research and emphasized environmental stewardship and community involvement.

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