Priya, a budding artist in Jaipur, often pondered the unpredictable twists of fate, or kismat, as her grandmother, a wise old woman with sparkling eyes, believed that every stroke of her brush was guided by the invisible hands of destiny.


Priya, while sketching a market scene, recalls kismat quotes in Hindi, which emphasize that destiny is not just a path but a intertwined part of one's actions. Her grandmother's phrase, Kismat ke bhi apne iraade hote hain, Jo humse humari raah cheen leti hain, suggests that destiny can sometimes divert our path.


Priya, a woman who has experienced moderate success, often wonders about the path not taken. Her kismat kharab quotes - When destiny carves its path, a person just makes decisions - resonated with her during her struggles, reminding her that life's elements might be beyond her control and misfortune might be destiny's way of steering her journey.


Priya's story takes a significant turn when a Mumbai-based art critic discovers her gallery and offers her a prestigious exhibition, a moment of triumph where her kismat smiles back.


Priya, a renowned artist, reflected on her belief in kismat, which influenced her perspective on life and art. She shared her inspirations and the theme of destiny in her artworks. Her relationship with kismat was fluid, evolving, and full of depth, pushing her to grow and embrace life's hues. Her quotes about destiny reflected her life's canvas.

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