Aarav was a young writer from Varanasi who was well-known for his vivid short stories. He resided in the center of the city, among the vibrant turmoil and the melancholic ring of temple bells. When he met Sia, a language fanatic who was gathering Hindi short Love quotes for her next book, his life took a wonderful turn.


At the renowned Assi Ghat, where Aarav had overheard Sia talking about the subtle beauty of Hindi love words, their first encounter happened by mistake. Love is priceless, it is invaluable, is his favorite phrase that he couldn't resist posting. It goes, प्यार का कोई मोल नहीं होता, वह अनमोल होता है. Sia was moved by this passage from his most recent story and was impressed by how elegantly love could be described in Hindi.


Weeks passed, and Aarav and Sia discovered they were getting together frequently—sometimes for a cup of chai, other times at the neighborhood library. At one such encounter, over love quotes in Hindi for Sia's book, Aarav connected with her deeply. Though he was aware that his affections were expanding, he found it difficult to let go of his need for their developing times together.


Aarav confronted his feelings towards Sia, who he believed was possessive. He asked her if she felt free with him, and she agreed. Aarav realized that love, like language, was about expressing and not possessing. They continued their journey, enriching each other's lives and their love for Hindi.

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