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 Keg Washing Machine

 Load your kegs, press start, and enjoy your beer - Cassman keg cleaner does the rest. Our keg washing machine designed with SIEMENS program and touch screen with flexible process, you can easily modify the washing process, just press a new timing for the process.
Main function and feature:
1,All procedures are thoroughly controlled by SIEMENS programmable controller. All parameters (time values) can be adjusted without stopping the machine.
2,Two sets of washing process for customers to choose.
3,Disinfectant and Caustic could be used repeatedly to save water
4,Water tank possess heating function, the temperature can be displayed on screen.
5,With steam sterilization function .

Working process:
cylinder pressing→ air blowing (draining residue) → water wash→ air blowing (drain) → caustic wash → air blowing (caustic recycle) → hot water wash→ air blowing (drain) →water wash→ air blowing (drain) →sanitizer→ air blowing (recycle) →water wash→ air blowing (recycle)→steam sterilization→ water wash→ air blowing (recycle)→CO2 replace steam→CO2 pressuriz