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Technical Parameters

Grain Miller

Miller with double roller 

Brewhouse System

Including Mash Tun,Lauter tun, Kettle Tun and Whirlpool tank;

Heating way: Electricity heating,direct fire heating or steam heating;

With grain rake, false bottom, spray ball etc;


Fermentation tanks 

(the capacity is based on the brew batch; the quantity is based on the production);

Other accessories are available: 1. L-Pipe; 2. Butterfly Valve; 3. Pressure Gage; 4. Solenoid Valve; 5. Vacuum Valve; 6. Cooling Pipe; 7. Thermal Insulation Pipe;8.Spunding valve

Glycol cooling unit

Glycol water tank, Cold water tank,Refrigeration chiller Machine;
Sanitary centrifugal pump for glycol water and cold water recycle among tanks and heat exchanger;
All pipes, fitting, insulation materials are included.

CIP cart

Sterilization Tank ,Caustic tank,Hot water tank Thickness is 2mm;

Weld slinging band;

Valves, accessories supporting;All welding are argon protection single-sided,double-sided forming;

Function:Clean in place for tanks

Control panel

PID semi-auto controller, PLC auto controller, brand is Siemens, ,LG for optional.Electric components have CE Certificate.
Offer floor type and wall hanging assembling.
Control all the tank's temperature, motor and pump's show on/off.

Filter Unit

Kieselguhr filter, Membrane filter;

Filtered beer tanks/bright beer tank;

In restaurant, beers are always served as craft beer without filtration.

Filling system 

Keg filling and washing Machine;

 Bottle capping and filling Machine.

Keg filling and washing Machine;

 Bottle capping and filling Machine.

Other facilities

steam boiler, steam pipe,all the pipes for brewhouse unit and glycol cooling unit and so on .