Is Your Classroom Craving More? Discover Transformative Residential Trips!

Newcastle, Monmouth, Gwent, Wales, NP25 5NY


Break free from the confines of the classroom and embark on a journey of discovery with residential trips. These immersive experiences offer a powerful alternative to traditional educational trips for schools.


Picture students exploring a vibrant coral reef, not just reading about it in a textbook. Imagine them participating in an archaeological dig, uncovering the secrets of the past firsthand. Residential trips transform abstract concepts into real-world learning, fostering a deeper understanding and a lifelong love for knowledge.


Residential trips go beyond academics; they build social skills and teamwork through collaborative activities. Students learn to problem-solve together, overcome challenges as a team, and create lasting memories and friendships in the process.


Hilston Park designs exceptional residential trips that cater to your specific curriculum objectives. Contact us today and let us create a transformative learning experience that will inspire your students for years to come!


Tel: +44(0)1600240033

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