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Stendra is a generic medication used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is a disorder of not getting an erection during intercourse. It may be due to our unhealthy lifestyle, psychological stress, or any physical health problems. ED or Impotence generally seems after 40’s. But a man can able to achieve an erection by using these products of Official Stendra. Generic Stendra contains Avanafil as an active ingredient which helps to inhibit PDE5 enzymes in the male body. Stendra(Avanafil) is an effective medication for treating erectile dysfunction because it works by increasing the blood flow rate to the penile area. If You are maintaining a healthy lifestyle and also not suffering from any physical health problems then you should go for psychological treatment to reduce stress. Then You can go for the Stendra Generic Session. It is necessary because stress does not allow erection normally. If you are gone through radiation or chemo then also you may face difficulties in achieving erection. Therefore after consulting a doctor or health guide, you should go for the Stendra Avanafil medication. Stendra For ED should be taken orally with a glass of water after a light meal. You can also take it before food but it should be 30 minutes before intercourse. Otherwise, it may not result effectively. Avanafil Stendra comes with some of its variants such as Stendra 100mg, Stendra 200mg, and Stendra 50mg. The recommended dosage of the drug is Stendra 100 mg, and for elderly men and patients with disorders of the gastrointestinal tract or cardiovascular system - Stendra 50 mg. In advanced cases or in the absence of effect, the dosage can be increased to Stendra 200 mg. Stendra Cost is comparatively low on our site pinkviva and you can order now to get more exclusive offers. We are providing you lowest Stendra Price therefore you can buy at an affordable price.

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