As CP Plus is well known for manufacturing high-performing and inventive surveillance products, the CP Plus 6 MP Full HD Network IR Fisheye Camera is no different. This state-of-the-art fisheye camera offers extensive surveillance coverage by fusing cutting-edge technology with outstanding features. 

Let’s explore the primary features and advantages of the CP Plus 6 MP Full HD Network IR Fisheye Camera.

Important features

  • 6-megapixel resolution

With a 6 MP high-resolution sensor, the CP Plus fisheye camera produces clear, detailed photos. This precision is necessary to guarantee maximum surveillance efficacy and to capture minute details.


  • Full HD video

The camera's full HD video recording capabilities result in fluid and high-quality footage that makes it possible to clearly and precisely identify subjects inside the monitoring area.


  • Fisheye lens

Using a single camera, a fisheye lens may cover a vast region with a view of up to 180 degrees or more. Because of its broad coverage, fewer cameras are required, which lowers installation and maintenance expenses.


  • IR night vision

The camera has dependable night vision due to its infrared (IR) LEDs. It guarantees round-the-clock surveillance coverage since it can record sharp video even in dimly lit or dark settings. 


  1. Complete coverage: The fisheye lens offers a panoramic vision that eliminates blind spots and covers the surveillance area in great detail.
  2. Cost-effective solution: The CP Plus fisheye camera is a more affordable surveillance option than deploying many cameras because of its broad coverage and superior image quality. 
  3. Better security: Smart analytics, network connectivity, and infrared night vision are examples of advanced features that help with better security monitoring and threat identification.


This camera provides dependable performance and improved security monitoring for a range of applications, whether it is used indoors or outdoors. Explore our selection of CP Plus cameras to find cutting-edge security monitoring options.


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