Homeowners frequently struggle with selecting the best security option in their pursuit of a safe haven. Traditional CCTV systems and more contemporary video doorbells are two strong competitors in this market. Each one has an individual set of attributes, advantages, and things to consider about. 

Let’s make an informed choice for your home security needs by navigating through the comparison of CCTV vs video doorbells.



  • Comprehensive monitoring: CCTV systems with several cameras provide wide coverage, making sure that every corner of your property is kept under observation.
  • High-resolution footage: CCTV cameras are now equipped with high-resolution capabilities because of technological improvements, allowing them to capture incredibly clear footage that is essential for identification.
  • Scalability: Does your surveillance network need to grow? CCTV systems are readily adaptable, making it simple to adjust to your changing security requirements.


  • Expert installation: Installing a CCTV system may require expert help, which may add to the installation expenses.
  • Wired setup: A lot of CCTV systems require wiring, which might be difficult for people looking for a less intrusive wireless option.

Video doorbell 


  • Smart features: Video doorbells enhance your home security experience with their wealth of intelligent features, which include two-way audio, motion detection, and seamless smartphone connectivity.
  • Installation simplicity: Designed with do-it-yourselfers in mind, video doorbells frequently provide simple installs that do not require expert assistance.
  • Interaction with visitors: Even when you're miles away, you can communicate with visitors in real time due to the two-way conversation function.


  • Restricted coverage: Video doorbells are great for monitoring front doors, but their coverage may be less than that of multi-camera CCTV systems.
  • Dependency on Wi-Fi: The operation of video doorbells depends on a steady Wi-Fi connection, thus any disruptions may affect it.

The selection between CCTV and video doorbells is a personal one based on your own needs, preferences, and financial limitations. Both approaches considerably improve home security by bringing powerful features to the table. 

CP Plus CCTV cameras and video doorbells

Visit us at cpplusworld.com to learn more about the variety of CCTV systems and video doorbells that may be installed to improve the security of your home as you set out to secure your sacred space.

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