Welcome to Spring Cleaning Perth! We will celebrate the arrival of spring with you and transform your home to usher in the new season. Our spring cleaning service will get rid of the extra possessions accumulated over the long winter and declutter your home to give it a spacious and new look.

Spring cleaning is a type of house cleaning undertaken by Spring Cleaning Perth that not only leaves your house sparkling clean but also rearranges the furniture to give your home a new and pristine appearance.

Spring Cleaning Perth is an economical and highly professional cleaning service provided by GS Bond Cleaning Perth. We come to your doorstep to take care of all your cleaning needs and perform a spring cleaning service that covers all the rooms in the house. Since each house is unique and different in structure and design, our spring cleaning process is a customized process, whereby our customers decide the extent and scope of the cleaning.

The advent of spring is a time to give the house a clean and fresh look and we achieve this objective by banishing the stale smell of winter with our spring cleaning service. Spring Cleaning Perth promotes health and hygiene in the house by providing a one-stop solution for all your cleaning needs.

Spring cleaning is, in essence, a form of deep cleaning. Spring cleaning is synonymous with the term deep cleaning as they both refer to the same house cleaning process. The method by which your home is deep cleaned upon the passing of winter and the advent of spring is known as spring cleaning.

Spring cleaning is, however, distinct from bond cleaning which may also be described as a house cleaning service. The major difference between spring cleaning and bond cleaning is that they take place at different times. Bond cleaning is undertaken by a tenant at the end of his lease agreement while spring cleaning takes place upon the arrival of spring. Another difference is that bond cleaning involves the whole property while spring cleaning is concerned only with the home.

The spring cleaning service offered by Spring Cleaning Perth takes place in three distinct stages. The first step is the booking of the service which can be done instantaneously through a phone call.  The second stage is the actual cleaning carried out by our workers and the third stage is the valuable feedback we receive from the customer.

GS Bond Cleaning Perth is the best cleaning company in Perth and offers a superior spring cleaning service. The advantages of choosing us as your service provider are listed below:

Trained workers

 Spring Cleaning Perth has highly trained workers who are adept at modern methods of cleaning. They carry their own cleaning kits containing professional-grade materials, including mops and detergents. They bring to the job their experience and expertise and perform a very thorough cleaning service, leaving your house a spotless paradise.

Environment-Conscious service

Spring Cleaning Perth is an environment-conscious service, deeply committed to the preservation of the planet. We are aware of the ill-effects of global warming and climate change and seek to engage in sustainable practices.  We attempt to reduce waste and to use eco-friendly products in our cleaning solutions as they do no harm to the house or its environment.


Spring Cleaning Perth is a budget-friendly service within reach of the average citizen of Perth. Recognizing the financial limitations of the ordinary consumer, we keep our prices as low as possible so as to make our service more accessible.

Convenience of Booking

Spring Cleaning Perth is an in-demand service in the city of Perth on account of our easy availability. We are open all day every day, seven days a week and even work on weekends. Our service can be booked instantly through a phone call. The ease of booking and convenience of our service has made us a leading cleaning company in Perth.

A Service with a Guarantee

Spring Cleaning Perth is a service with a guarantee. We offer a hundred percent guarantee that the spring cleaning job performed by our workers will satisfy you. If the customer is not content, we will offer to do a reclean. Our workers pay a meticulous attention to detail and do a painstaking job of making your house look spick and span.

Customer-Oriented Service

Spring Cleaning Perth is a customer-oriented service. The customer is the most important item on our agenda and customer satisfaction is of paramount importance. We have a supportive and friendly staff who welcome customer feedback and make every effort to address all complaints. We have built a base of satisfied customers whose approval has made us a popular cleaning service in the city of Perth.

Good Reviews

Spring Cleaning Perth provides an exemplary spring cleaning service. Our base of satisfied customers whom we service regularly, have given us good reviews and recommended our service to friends. Our good performance and high approval ratings has created support for us in the local community. We are an in-demand cleaning service in Perth and hope to become the best in the whole of Australia.

Bond Cleaning Perth: Cleanliness as the New Normal

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