Welcome to End of Lease Cleaning Perth! We are a professional cleaning service in Perth catering to tenants who are vacating their rented accommodation upon the expiry of their lease and are seeking the return of their security deposit. We clean the premises to the landlord’s satisfaction and guarantee the return of your security deposit.


A Legal Requirement

End of Lease Cleaning Perth is a service utilized by many since it is a legal requirement. It is mandatory for an existing tenant to restore the property to its original condition before handing it over to the landlord. If he does an inadequate cleaning job, he may lose part or all of his deposit. The landlord may make a claim against the deposit for harm or deterioration to the property. If you wish to avoid financial loss, you should hire a professional cleaning service. Call us; we will do the job for you.


Qualified Workers

End of Lease Cleaning Perth has workers who are highly qualified and are trained to execute a professional service. They are acquainted   with modern technology and use state-of-the-art equipment. They bring to the job their own cleaning kits and transform your home into a spotless paradise.



End of Lease Cleaning Perth is an environment-friendly service, deeply committed to the preservation of the planet. We are concerned about the ill-effects of climate change and global warming. We have adopted sustainable practices and strive to reduce waste. We use only green products in our cleaning solutions which are non-toxic and do no harm to the house or the environment.


Reasonable prices

End of Lease Cleaning Perth is a budget-friendly service with prices reasonable enough to suit the middle-class citizen. Recognizing that moving out is an expensive proposition, we strive to keep our prices low so as to provide a financially accessible service to the ordinary consumer. Allied to the affordability of our service is its transparency. The final quote is given in the initial meeting and there are no hidden charges.


Sanitizing the Kitchen

End of Lease Cleaning Perth begins the house cleaning service in the kitchen which is the first room in the house to be cleaned. The most important item in the kitchen is the refrigerator which is defrosted and the leftover food removed to prevent contamination. The oven, stove top and sink are also cleaned and the kitchen is thus sanitized.


Hygiene in the Bathroom

End of Lease Cleaning Perth also includes bathroom cleaning in its house cleaning service. The bathroom is an integral part of the house and an important room to be cleaned. Since a bathroom is used so frequently by so many people, it becomes a host to bacteria and a source of infection. In the interest of health and hygiene, we deep clean the bathrooms during our end of lease cleaning service.


Restoring the Luster of your Carpet

End of Lease Cleaning Perth performs a subsidiary service of carpet cleaning as part of its house cleaning service. A carpet is a thing of beauty and should be a joy forever. Unfortunately, a carpet is often allowed to accumulate dust and loses its lustre over the years. Regular cleaning of a carpet by a professional service is necessary to restore its vibrancy of colour. We also prolong the life of a carpet by treating it professionally. There are multiple options for carpet cleaning: steam cleaning, dry cleaning or shampooing. The customer’s preference is taken into account.


Detailed Cleaning

We perform a meticulous end of lease cleaning service focusing on all the minute details. Our workers carry a checklist of items to be cleaned so no item, however small, is overlooked.


Difference between Spring Cleaning and End of Lease Cleaning

End of Lease Cleaning Perth is a service that is occasionally confused with spring cleaning. They are both types of house cleaning but take place at different times. End of lease cleaning is undertaken at the end of a tenant’s lease while spring cleaning is done with the arrival of the spring season. Moreover, end of lease cleaning pertains to the whole property while spring cleaning involves only your home.


Giving Priority to the Customer

End of Lease Cleaning Perth treats the customer as the most important item on its agenda and prioritizes the needs of the customer. We have a friendly and supportive staff which welcomes valuable customer feedback post-cleaning and takes note of all complaints.


Good Reviews

Customer satisfaction has created for us a base of loyal customers who have given us good reviews and recommended our service to others. Our high approval ratings have won us a niche in the local community and made us a leading cleaning service in the city of Perth. Our aim for the future is to be the best in Australia.



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