Have you ever been asked a question and had no idea what the answer was? It's a regular occurrence in our everyday talks, and articulating it in a language other than your native tongue might be difficult at times. Today, we'll look at the phrase I have no idea and it’s meaning in Hindi, as well as provide examples to help you understand how to use it in everyday occasions.


I Have No Idea Meaning in Hindi

Let's look at the fundamental Hindi translation of I have no idea. The phrase translates as मुझे कोई पता नहीं है. This statement is a simple approach to show your lack of expertise or clarity about a specific subject or concern.


I Have No Idea Meaning in Hindi with Example

English - I have no idea, you tell me.

Hindi - मुझे कोई पता नहीं है, तुम बताओ।

English - I have no idea, I last saw it on the table.

Hindi - मुझे कोई पता नहीं है, मैंने आखिरी बार टेबल पर देखा था।



Whether you are a novice or want to improve your Hindi speaking abilities, phrases like मुझे कोई पता नहीं है are crucial. They not only assist you in ambiguous circumstances, but they also contribute to the realism of your language learning experience. Remember that language acquisition is a process, and each new phrase or word you acquire opens up new avenues of communication. Happy learning!
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