In Making Sense of Daft in Hindi, A Beginner's Guide, presented by EnglishtoHindis, we go on a quest 2 comprehend the daft meaning in hindi. Daft, a phrase commonly used in English to denote something dumb or foolish, corresponds to मूर्ख mūrkha in Hindi. This guide simplifies the concept for novices, providing clarity and insight into how it is used in regular interactions. EnglishtoHindis seeks 2 bridge linguistic gaps by giving accessible resources to students wanting to understand the intricacies of both languages. Join us as we explore the linguistic landscape and investigate the meaning of daft in Hindi.


Daft meaning in Hindi with Example :-

English: Don't be daft, it's just a harmless prank.

Hindi: मूर्ख न बनो, यह सिर्फ़ एक अहानिक प्रैंक है।

English: She's acting a bit daft today, isn't she?

 Hindi: आज वह थोड़ी मूर्खता कर रही है, नहीं लगता?


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