QuickBooks application has continuously grown over the years across the global market due to sustained efforts put in by Intuit to improve various tools, features, and services. Despite all of this, many irksome technical issues still manifest while operating QB Desktop, and one of the common problems is ‘QuickBooks Keeps Crashing’.
In this irksome problem, the QB Desktop application window keeps getting closed while performing various common tasks such as opening & closing data files, creating & storing invoices, operating various technical utilities, etc. The sudden closure of QB Desktop also results in data loss, thereby impacting the overall efficiency of the business unit.
The present blog looks at various technical causes behind this problem, along with reliable step-by-step solutions.
If you want appropriate assistance regarding the ‘QuickBooks Keeps Crashing’ problem, you need to dial +1-855-738-2784 to connect with our QB Experts Team.

Relevant Reasons Behind the ‘QB Application Sudden Crashing Problem’

The ‘QB Application Sudden Crashing Problem’ can arise due to the reasons explained below:
  • The lack of all the newly available QB updates on the computer will surely trigger this irksome technical glitch.
  • Many faults found inside the QB program configuration can also cause the sudden closure of QB Desktop on the system.

Reliable & Highly Efficient Solutions for the ‘QB Desktop Application Keeps Closing’ Problem

The highly efficient solutions for the ‘QB Desktop Application Keeps Closing’ problem are discussed below:

Solution 1: Acquire all the relevant QB application updates on your computer to root out this irksome problem

  • In this solution, the foremost task will be to carefully launch the QB application window, after which you simply need to hit the ‘Update QuickBooks Desktop’ icon from the ‘Help’ tab.
  • Now, you will get the ‘Update QuickBooks’ window on the computer’s screen & you should choose the ‘Update Now’ menu from the same window to click the ‘Get Updates’ button.
  • After that, the download process of all the new QB updates will be initiated & you will wait until the entire download process is completed on the computer.
  • Next, you should re-open the QB window in order to install the fresh QB updates by hitting the ‘Yes’ option, and you can thereafter succeed in executing all the functions available on the QB application.

Solution 2: Tackle this issue by swiftly running the ‘Quick Fix my Program’ utility on the system

  • Here, Internet Explorer should be used to access the Intuit website, after which you need to download ‘QuickBooks Tool Hub’ by clicking the appropriate link.
  • Now, the proper file (‘QuickBooksToolHub.exe’) must be saved on the computer & you can thereafter run the same file to install ‘QB Tool Hub’ successfully.
  • Acquire the ‘QB Tool Hub’ window to choose the ‘Program Problems’ tab, following which you can effortlessly execute the ‘Quick Fix my Program’ utility.
  • Thereafter, simply exit the ‘QB Tool Hub’ window & open the QB application to execute all the functions very easily.
The seamless implementation of each solution in the correct order discussed above will definitely enable you to tackle the ‘QuickBooks Keeps Crashing’ problem. For more technical help & assistance, dial +1-855-738-2784 to connect with our QB Professionals Team.
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