QuickBooks users can easily share the financial data in company files by hosting them on a multi-user network. Users sometimes get concerned by QuickBooks Multi User Mode Not Working on their computers while hosting a data file. If you also come across this multi-user mode issue on your QB, go through this entire blog to understand the causes of this issue and the elimination strategy you can use against it.
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Why QuickBooks freezes when switching to multi-user mode?

You might sometimes face difficulties in switching the server computer to multi-user mode. The main reasons for the problems that occur while hosting the company file are mentioned below-
  • Database Server Manager cannot run on your PC due to Windows Firewall restrictions or damaged .tlg file.
  • The hosting settings on the server or workstations are incorrect, leading to a failure in the multi-user network setup.
  • A user has already signed in to the company file on QBDT running in single-user mode.

Counter methods to use if the server cannot switch to multi-user mode

You cannot share the company file data with other users if the server fails to switch to multi-user mode. You must apply the following techniques if this multi-user mode issue arises on your QBDT-

Solution 1- Make sure the QBDT hosting settings are appropriate for multi-user network

You can sometimes face problems switching the server to multi-user mode if one or multiple workstations run in multi-user mode. The server computer should run in single-user mode, and all the other workstations should use the single-user mode. If this is not the setup, you won’t be able to share the company file and fall prey to issues while switching the server to multi-user mode. Eliminate the issue by setting the QB hosting settings as mentioned below-
  1. Go to the workstations and click the QB File menu.
  2. Select Utilities and click Stop hosting multi-user access.
  3. Apply these steps on all the workstations to run them in single-user mode.
  4. Go to the server computer and access the QB File menu.
  5. Click the Utilities option and select the Host multi-user access option.
  6. Restart all the computers after configuring the hosting settings and try opening the company file in multi-user mode.
If the server fails to run in multi-user mode, move to the next solution.

Solution 2- Repair the QB Transaction log file

QuickBooks has a transaction log file that stores all the recent transactions identical to the company file. You can also face multi-user mode issues if the .tlg file gets damaged or there’s a data discrepancy. You need to recreate the damaged .tlg file as shown in the steps below-
  1. Open your QB folder and search for the transaction log (.tlg) file inside.
  2. Right-click the file and select the rename option.
  3. Leave the file name as it is and add ‘.old’ as an extension to the file.
  4. Save the file and try opening your company file in multi-user mode.


This blog explains the causes of QuickBooks Multi User Mode Not Working correctly on your system. You’ll find the elimination techniques for this issue in the blog and we advise that you apply them on your QB to prevent multi-user mode issues in the future.
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