1. Sparkout Tech Solutions Inc.

🔎 Website: https://www.sparkouttech.com/web-application-development/

🖤 ​​Rating on Clutch: 4.9

We prioritize ourselves as the leading Mobile and web app development company in US, as we firmly believe in our capabilities. Our exceptional team, equipped with the best tools, ensures the seamless development of applications on web portal platforms, guaranteeing a truly satisfying experience for our clients.

Furthermore, we specialize in developing applications that effectively address the unique challenges faced by businesses, thereby enhancing their performance. This is why we proudly assert that we are the best app development company, as we assist in building a brand from scratch. With a decade of experience, we have gained significant visibility and fostered better interaction, enabling businesses to retain their valuable potential customers. Above all, we highly value your input and ideas, as they play a crucial role in creating the app you have envisioned.

Another aspect that sets us apart is our ability to provide the finest Mobile and web application development services across all provinces of Spain. Regardless of your location, we offer the latest designs and trends to cater to your needs.

Our ultimate goal is to develop high-quality apps that not only function flawlessly but are also user-friendly, ensuring that every business gains recognition and attracts a large audience. Moreover, we offer additional services such as web design, graphic design, and various strategies to enhance your business’s positioning.


⚙️ Services: web development, mobile application development, UI/UX design, QA testing, project management, analytics, DevOps

🖤 ​​Rating on Clutch: 4.8

Purrweb is a custom software development company with a focus on UX. The agency employs 200 specialists from almost all areas of digital: developers, designers, testers, managers, analysts and DevOps. The entire team uses Scrum principles to ensure maximum transparency, quickly adapt to the requirements of any project, and avoid accruing technical debt. The company also creates MVPs, which startups use to test business hypotheses and study the market.

Since 2014, Purrweb has implemented more than 300 projects in fintech, foodtech, medicine, delivery, online commerce and many other areas. Most likely, they already have experience working with your niche — and if not, then a wealth of experience in related segments will help the team quickly fill any gaps.

3. AMP Agency

⚙️ Services: web development, SEO, analytics, integrated marketing, content creation, social media management

🔎 Website: https://www.ampagency.com

🖤 ​​Rating on Clutch: 4.7

AMP is a full-service digital agency that builds enterprise ecosystems. The company is engaged in projects in the fields of household appliances, gaming, fashion, entertainment and consumer goods, and also offers a wide range of services to strengthen its online presence. It covers everything from strategic planning and analytics to integrated marketing and web portal development.

The agency cooperates with XBOX, Playstation, Nike, Patagonia, ASUS, Garnier and other top echelon players. A few years ago, the team even helped Riot Games create an esports platform for League of Legends, the world-famous MOBA game.

4. SmartSites

⚙️ Services: web development, contextual advertising, SEO, promotion on social networks, organization of mailings

🔎 Site: https://www.smartsites.com

🖤 ​​Rating on Clutch: 5.0

SmartSites specializes in web development and digital marketing. You can go to them for a reliable, secure and easy to manage portal with SEO and fast loading times. The company also employs contextual advertising specialists who will help you correctly identify the target audience and build an effective promotion strategy. You can also outsource social media management and unique content creation to an agency.

SmartSites primarily works with small businesses, emerging brands, and non-profits such as Everything Koi, ACL Testing, Agile Data Sites, Anexio, Arcarius, and Community Blood Services.

5. Integral Vision

⚙️ Services: web development, UI/UX design, post-release support

🔎 Website: https://integralvision.eu/en

🖤 ​​Rating on Clutch: 5.0

Integral Vision develops web products based on open-source technologies — primarily Drupal, Node.js, Vue.js and Solr. The company values ​​the principles of autonomy, transparency and responsibility, and is serious about creating flexible and effective teams. The people who work here are open to new and non-standard solutions: reports and monotonous tasks in the company, for example, are assigned to special scripts.

Integral Vision has many projects in a variety of niches: from culture and catering to civil infrastructure and energy.

6. PopArt Studio

⚙️ Services: web development, UI/UX design, graphic design, internet marketing

🔎 Website: https://www.popwebdesign.net

🖤 ​​Rating on Clutch: 5.0

PopArt Studio calls itself a “digital art boutique” and actively collaborates with both large organizations and startups. The agency’s stack is based on JavaScript, ReactJS, PHP, MySQL, Laravel, Symfony and WordPress, with which the company develops unique business solutions. An in-house team of experienced designers creates corporate identity and powerful visuals, and an online marketing department helps increase conversions.

PopArt Studio works with both local and international brands: for example, Avocado Systems, Luqrum, Corserva, BeatGate and Keplertek. Recently, the company even developed a portal for the Serbian Ministry of Finance — isn’t this level?

7. WebFX

⚙️ Services: web development, UI/UX design, internet marketing, social media promotion, SEO, infographics, motion design

🔎 Website: https://www.webfx.com

🖤 ​​Rating on Clutch: 4.9

WebFX specializes in digital marketing and web development. This company is perfect for those who need a comprehensive solution to all problems: here they will not only create a web portal for you, but will also help you with its promotion and attracting leads. The agency has also developed a cloud-based platform, MarketingCloudFX, which collects marketing data from various sources and improves the effectiveness of campaigns.

WebFX has worked with Hilton, Fujifilm, Subway, Peapod, Verizon, as well as a huge number of small businesses: from music stores to dentists.

8. Imaginary Cloud

⚙️ Services: web development, mobile application development, data science, AI, UI/UX design, audits

🔎 Website: https://web.imaginarycloud.com

🖤 ​​Rating on Clutch: 4.0

Imaginary Cloud is another full-service agency that will take your project all the way from idea to MVP to post-release support. The team works according to Agile principles, which allow us to quickly bring the product to market and reduce technical debt. The company’s stack includes React, Angular, Vue and Webflow for the front end, and Node.js, Python, Ruby on Rails and Django are responsible for the backend.

The agency is involved in projects in many segments — education, finance, medicine, and even construction. Imaginary Cloud’s client list also includes major players such as Nokia, Sage and RE/MAX.

9. The Software House

⚙️ Services: web development, mobile application development, QA testing, cloud engineering, data engineering, software architecture development, DevOps

🔎 Site: https://tsh.io

🖤 ​​Rating on Clutch: 4.8

The Software House develops comprehensive cloud solutions for organizations of all sizes. The team’s stack includes everything you need for a robust backend and fast frontend: Node.js, React, Vue.js, Next.js, Symfony, and Laravel. The company employs 170 specialists, including DevOps, software architects and even cloud engineers. TSH also follows Agile principles in order to optimize costs and speed up all processes.

Over all the years of operation, TSH has managed to assemble an impressive portfolio: the company has projects in fintech, private banking, real estate, online commerce, logistics and even event management.

10. CSI Media

⚙️ Services: web development, mobile application development, software development, UI/UX design, branding, marketing, graphic design

🔎 Website: https://www.csimedia.net

🖤 ​​Rating on Clutch: 4.8

CSI Media has been creating web portals with complex architecture, user-friendly interfaces and a rich set of functions for 25 years. This company will become a reliable partner no matter what kind of portal you need — B2C, B2B, for commerce, for logistics or for any other task. In addition to web development, the team also deals with branding and marketing.

CSI Media has established itself as one of the leading agencies in the UK. He was even entrusted with developing a new portal for the Commonwealth Parliamentary Organization, an organization that fights for good governance, democracy and human rights around the world.

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