Feel that you have to create the most modern products and meet the changing expectations of users? Discover the 2024 development trends that will inspire you and help you stay out of the way.


A constantly changing range of digital innovations may seem like a relentless race, a whirlwind of problems and opportunities. Your pain as a developer is quite real — the pressure associated with the need to create advanced products, maintain competitiveness and meet the changing expectations of users may be exorbitant.

But what if we tell you that there is a compass that will help you navigate this complex area? What if there were ideas that could not only alleviate your suffering, but also cause a rush of inspiration? Well, you're lucky because now we will go on a journey on future trends in backend and web development.

In this article, we will reveal the key trends that will determine 2024, and provide you with tools and knowledge so as not to lag behind time. If you are an experienced developer striving for excellence, or a product owner who wants to innovate, this article is — your roadmap for success.

II / AI and machine learning integration

Artificial intelligence and machine learning — are no longer just words, but powerful tools in the arsenal of developers. When developing a backend, they play a key role in automating tasks, analysing huge amounts of data, and making data-based decisions. Here's how you can use them to your advantage:

  • Code generation: you can generate code fragments or even whole pieces, which saves time and reduces the likelihood of human error. Pay attention to tools such as ChatGPT from OpenAI: they write code based on descriptions in the natural language.
  • Improving code security and quality: using code analysis tools based on artificial intelligence to analyse code bases and identify potential errors, security vulnerabilities, and quality problems. For example, DeepCode and CodeClimate help developers write safer code.
  • Personalization: with the help of artificial intelligence, you can analyse the behaviour and preferences of users in order to provide them with individual content and product recommendations. Thus, your web applications and mobile applications provide a higher level of user involvement and retention.
  • Predictive analytics: using machine learning models, you can predict the actions of users. Thus, you can create preventive measures to solve problems that may arise.
  • Recommended systems: Systems of recommendations controlled by artificial intelligence offer customers products, services or content based on their preferences and behaviour. Use this trend to increase user involvement and conversion.
  • Chatbots and virtual assistants: to increase customer service, integrate into your application or website chat bots based on artificial intelligence. They can respond to customer requests by providing instant support in 24/7 mode.

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Serverless architecture

Serverless architecture — is a trend in web development that will continue to develop in 2024. Often called Function as a Service (FaaS), it eliminates the need for developers to manage servers. Instead, you can focus on writing code and deploying functions, which increases scalability and cost-effectiveness.

A heartless approach allows programs to work on cloud servers. In this case, you do not need to take care of the availability of servers, their power and infrastructure management. Such services are offered by AWS, Microsoft Azure Functions, Google Cloud Functions and others. In addition, it is very economical, since the cost of services is usually calculated depending on the actual use of resources.

This direction of development can be used in most businesses to identify images, process multimedia, create chat bots and assistants, notification engines, IoT applications, collect data, etc.

Granary calculations

The new technology allows decentralisation of data processing, moving it closer to the source. In web app development company, this minimises delays and expands real-time capabilities.

Reduced delays: since border calculations bring calculations closer to the data source, this reduces the time it takes to request the user before receiving a response. This significantly reduces waiting times, making web applications in web app development company more responsive and improving the quality of users. For real-time applications such as online games, streaming video, and IoT interaction, reducing delays is crucial.

Increased productivity: also thanks to this 2024 trend, your web applications will work faster. Content Delivery Networks (CDN) — is a common implementation of border computing that caches and maintains content from border servers. This approach reduces the load on internal servers and speeds up the delivery of content.

Bandwidth saving: less data is transferred to centralised points or cloud services. Thus, significant bandwidth savings are achieved, especially in scenarios where large amounts of data are generated.

Real-time data processing: border nodes can process data in real time, which makes them ideal for applications that require immediate analysis and decision making. For example, in IoT applications: sensors can process data at the border to initiate actions or warnings without relying on centralised servers.

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Zero Confidence Architecture (ZTA)

This is a modern approach to cybersecurity that challenges the traditional perimeter protection model. Under the “zero trust” model, organisations do not automatically trust any user or device, regardless of whether they are inside or outside the corporate network. Instead, it proceeds from the fact that threats can come from both internal and external sources, and checks and certifies each user and device trying to gain access to resources.

Here are the basic principles of this software development area:

  • Identification: Before gaining access to resources, people must confirm their identity. For this, multivariate authentication (MFA) and reliable verification methods are often used.
  • Access with the least privileges: users receive the least privileges necessary to complete their tasks. Access is limited only to necessary things, which reduces the potential consequences of a security breach.
  • Micro-segmentation: the trend involves segmenting the network at a granular level, which allows isolating and protecting individual resources.
  • Data Encryption: Encryption is used both during transmission and at rest to protect data from unauthorised access.
  • Lack of implicit trust: the application of the principle of “never trust, always check”, which means the need for verification at each stage of access.

Internet of things

Internet of things — a rapidly developing direction in software development. This is an interconnected network of physical devices that collect and exchange data via the Internet. These devices can range from simple sensors and actuators to sophisticated industrial equipment and household appliances. Clever houses, vacuum cleaner robots, lightning and air conditioning — all this is part of IoT.

About 15.14 billion devices are connected to IoT. They generate huge amounts of data, including data on the status of devices and user interactions. To efficiently receive, process and store this data, you can create systems for a web or mobile application.

This trend goes well with cloud computing, as data is usually stored and processed in the cloud. To create scalable and reliable internal systems for IoT applications, you need to work with platforms such as AWS, Azure or Google Cloud.

Ergonomic keyboards

Despite the fact that ergonomic keyboards are not directly related to trends in backend or web development, they attract more and more attention from developers. They often spend a lot of time typing and coding, which in the absence of proper care can lead to discomfort and health problems. Ergonomic keyboards are developed taking into account the convenience and health of the user.

Due to reduced discomfort and a more convenient set of text, labour productivity increases. In addition, downtime is reduced due to interruptions associated with discomfort.

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