7 reasons to learn Node.js

What is Node.js?

Node.js is a JavaScript execution environment that has been built alongside the V8 of Chrome ( open source engine for JavaScript and WebAssembly which was created by Google). It is written in C, C + + and JavaScript, being an innovation in web development, since it allows the same programming language to be used on the client side and also on the server side.

It was developed in 2009 by Ryan Dahl, Who was looking to create a runtime environment that would allow them to perform server-side scripts, which will be translated into dynamic content before the page is sent to the web browser used by the user. Thus, he managed to unify web applications around a unique programming language.

¿What can you build with Node.js?

It is designed to facilitate application interface (API) development, especially in applications that manage intensive data in real time. One of the main reasons for its massive adoption in the sector is that it offers a little complex learning curve since most programmers are familiar with the JavaScript language. 

Millions of companies worldwide have used Node.js for the construction of its web infrastructure. Some of them are: Twitter, Netflix, Spotify, Reddit, eBay, GoDaddy and LinkedIn, PayPal, Trello, Uber and even NASA. Such level of adoption serves to confirm the practical utility of the JavaScript runtime environment and the benefits it can offer.

Reasons to learn Node.js

In addition to its popularity, there is a complete list of reasons why you should learn Node.js and include it in your future web app development services and their projects.

  • It has the possibility of running on a wide variety of servers, highlighting Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Unix. 
  • It offers a fairly flat learning curve, especially for programmers and developers with JavaScript knowledge. It also has different frameworks that simplify development tasks. 
  • High performance, which has even surprised programmers from all over the planet. It allows the creation of high quality works, reducing incidents and the possibility of experiencing technical difficulties. 
  • It allows programmers to create scalable web applications. Currently, most server programs only have the capacity to allow about 4,000 connections simultaneously. For his part, Node.js supports tens of thousands of simultaneous connections, which would significantly reduce infrastructure costs. 
  • It is perfect for web development of applications intended to support high traffic, users and events, making the process much faster due to the use of Google's V8 engine. 
  • It allows developers to write to JavaScript on both the server and client sides, greatly reducing working time. 
  • Being based on open source, it offers the possibility for students and professionals to exchange solutions and even share knowledge, relying on the wide collaborative community that has been generated around Node.js.

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