Unlock Your Potential with Pratham Yoga's 100 hour yoga teacher training Program, a transformative journey designed to take your yoga practice and teaching skills to the next level. Whether you're an experienced yogi seeking advanced training or a beginner looking to deepen your practice, this program offers a comprehensive curriculum to help you realize your fullest potential.

  1. Advanced Curriculum: Our 100 hour advanced yoga teacher training delves deep into the intricacies of yoga philosophy, anatomy, and teaching methodologies. You'll explore advanced asana practice, alignment, and sequencing, enriching your understanding of the yogic path.
  2. Experienced Faculty: Pratham Yoga takes pride in its team of experienced and certified yoga instructors who bring a wealth of knowledge and passion to the training. They will mentor you, providing guidance and support as you progress in your journey.
  3. Sacred Rishikesh Setting: Immerse yourself in the spiritual ambiance of Rishikesh, a city known for its yogic heritage. Practice yoga and meditation amidst the serene surroundings of the Himalayas and the holy Ganges River, creating an inspiring backdrop for your 100 hour yoga teacher training rishikesh.
  4. Small Group Learning: To ensure a personalized learning experience, we maintain small class sizes. This allows for one-on-one interaction with instructors, fostering a deeper understanding of the curriculum.
  5. Globally Recognized Certification: Upon successful completion, you'll receive a Yoga Alliance-certified 100-hour teacher training certificate. This accreditation is recognized worldwide, opening doors to teaching opportunities internationally.
  6. Community and Lifelong Bonds: Join a supportive community of fellow practitioners and aspiring teachers. The connections you forge during your training will extend beyond the mat, creating a network of like-minded individuals.
  7. Immersive Learning: Our program goes beyond theory; it emphasizes practical teaching experience. You'll have the chance to lead classes and receive constructive feedback to refine your teaching skills.

Unlock your potential, embrace your inner teacher, and experience personal growth with Pratham Yoga's 100 hour yoga teacher training course in rishikesh Program in the sacred city of Rishikesh. Join us on this transformative journey and discover the limitless possibilities that yoga offers. Your path to becoming an exceptional yoga teacher starts here.

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