Facing a problem in viewing Windows PST file in Mac Outlook? Looking for a solution to implement the necessary task? Not to worry, keep reading the blog and you will come across an amazing method with the help of one can view Windows PST file in Mac Outlook with emails, contacts, calendars, and other items.

PST is a default storage file format of Windows Outlook that stands for Personal Storage Table. It is a file type that is considered secure and easy-to-manage. However, the only drawback is it is platform-dependent. It only runs on Windows machine and on top of that, it requires the configuration of Microsoft Outlook. Otherwise it has many benefits.

Why PST to OLM Conversion is required?

But sometimes, Mac users receive some confidential files from a Windows client in PST format. And Mac is a platform that has selective email applications which users’ different file formats to save the database of users.

There are several users who are currently working on Mac Outlook. Both the Windows and Mac version of Outlook have similar working. The only difference that they will find would be the file types.

If Windows Outlook use PST as its default file type then Mac make use of OLM. However, both the file formats stores user’s emails, contacts, calendars, and other items.

Due to many reasons, lots of users receives PST files from Windows and vice versa. This produce the obstacle for them as PST is a format that only works on Windows. Although Mac Outlook provides the option to import PST file in the same but this will completely a waste of time and energy. However, it is suitable only when the files are just 2-3. To import multiple PST files quickly, it will be better to convert them into OLM format.

How to View Windows PST File in Mac Outlook?

The best and precise way to view Windows PST file in Mac Outlook is MacMister PST to OLM Converter. The remarkable application that allow users to batch convert PST files into OLM at once and easily view Windows PST file in Outlook on macOS. The conversion will be done with emails, contacts, calendars, and other items. Its simple GUI is accessible by all technical and novice users. And most importantly, the three step procedure will complete process in just three seconds.

Moreover, the application includes many features and options with the help of users can convert PST to OLM according to their requirements and view PST files in Mac Outlook accordingly. Download the free demo now and check the conversion steps of the application for free.

Working Steps to View Windows PST File in Mac Outlook

Step 1. Download, install, and open Mac PST to OLM Converter on a Mac platform.

Step 2. Make use of Add File(s) button if you want to add few PST files on the tool for conversion. Take help of Add Folder button to add a folder carrying unlimited PST files on the application for conversion and click the Next button.

add pst files

Step 3. The software will start adding PST files on the tool one-by-one and each file will be shown with checkboxes. You can use the checkbox for executing the selective conversion of PST files to OLM. Click Next to continue.

selective pst conversion

Step 4. Click on the Select Saving Options and pick OLM file format from the menu.

saving options

Step 5. Apply the options of OLM according to the requirements and click on the Export button to start the conversion process.


Step 6. The procedure will start and a Live Conversion Window will appear that shows the ongoing conversion status of PST files.  

live conversion

The procedure will take few seconds to complete and then show Conversion Completed message with the OK button. Click on the same to close the box. Now, you may go to Outlook for Mac email application to access the converted OLM files in the same.

Steps to Access Converted OLM Files in Mac Outlook

  1. Open Mac Outlook email application on a respective Mac platform.
  2. Navigate to Tools to choose Import.
  3. Proceed with “Import Outlook for Mac archive file (.olm)
  4. Press Continue
  5. Locate where converted files are saved and select them for import.
  6. Click Import

The import process will take few seconds and show the imported items on the left navigation pane under On My Computer. You can open the required file to view the result and you will see that the files are converted with accurate data and formatting properties.


The complete write-up has discussed the approach which will help in viewing Windows PST file in Mac Outlook with all the data items. The Mac PST Converter by MacMister is a trouble-free solution that delivers quick conversion process with accurate output. Any individual as well as business can manage its interface and perform the process without any difficulty. Download the free demo and check the process for free. Moreover, import first 25 PST files to OLM and view the data of 25 PST files in Mac Outlook for free.

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