There are numerous users who are searching for a secure solution to migrate Gmail to Office 365 on a MacBook. If you are one of them, then go through the blog in which you will find an amazing software that will instantly migrates Gmail to Office 365 with correct emails and attachments.

Everyone is aware of Gmail and Office 365 applications. They are one of the most used programs in today’s era. Many businesses and individuals are using their services and managing large amount of their database on the same.

However, people keep migrating between these two programs because they offer top-level productivity tools that enhances their day-to-day workflow.

Moreover, during the migration, users forget that they cannot access the emails of their old email application once they change the platform.

This becomes very challenging for them as they cannot read their confidential emails anymore. In such a situation, they start to search “what software migrates Gmail to Office 365 on a MacBook?”

Let’s see how to migrate Gmail to Office 365 on a MacBook in a secure and effective way.

What Software Migrates Gmail to Office 365 on a MacBook?

The easy and strong way to migrate Gmail to Office 365 on a MacBook is MacMister Gmail Backup Tool for Mac. The all-in-one application that has a friendly GUI and can be used by any professional and non-professional user for the migration process. Even, the tool is a three-step procedure and is capable to migrate Gmail emails to Office 365 on a MacBook in three seconds.

Moreover, Gmail Backup Tool for Mac has numerous in-built features and options with the help of users can migrate Gmail to Office 365 on a MacBook according to their requirements. However, the software has a trial edition which users can download to check the working steps of the application.

Working Steps to Migrate Gmail to Office 365 on a MacBook

Step 1. Download, install, and open MacMister Gmail to Office Migration Tool on a macOS.

Step 2. Enter Gmail email address and app password in the required fields and click on the Login button.


Step 3. The Gmail account will connect with the tool and its mailboxes will list on the software pane one-by-one.


Step 4. Click on the Select Saving Options that will appear on the right-side of the tool. And, Pick Office 365 from the list.


Step 5. Specify Office 365 credentials in Email ID and Password fields. Simultaneously, use Filters to migrate particular Gmail email files to Office 365, if required. Last, hit Start Backup button.


Step 6. The migration process is now running and an Email Backup Report window will appear that shows the ongoing migration status of Gmail emails.  


The entire task will complete within seconds and the application will show Process Completed message to users. Click on the OK button and go to Office 365 account to check the result. You will see that the email messages are migrated without any alteration and the formatting properties are also appearing in a correct form.

What Makes MacMister Gmail to Office 365 Migration Tool Beneficial?

MacMister Gmail to Office 365 Migration Tool contains many beneficial features that helps in attaining the desired result in a short time. Some of them are:

  • Directly migrate unlimited Gmail email messages to Office 365 on Mac at once.
  • Offers Filters property that includes date range, from, to, subject, etc. to migrate specific Gmail emails to Office 365 with attachments.
  • Provides simple and friendly platform that users will find easy-to-manage and handle.
  • Email Backup Report will help users in tracking the ongoing migration progress of Gmail email files.
  • Maintains the folder structure of Gmail account during the migration.
  • Keeps the content and formatting properties correct throughout the process.
  • Allows to migrate Gmail emails to Office 365 on macOS Sonoma, Ventura, Monterey, and earlier versions.


The blog has offered the direct technique to migrate Gmail to Office 365 on a MacBook. The MacMister Gmail Email Backup Software Mac is a perfect approach for migrating unlimited Gmail email messages to Office 365 at once. It has a simple GUI and equipped with fast processing. This will take less time and energy of users and delivers instant result without data loss. Download the free demo version of the software and check the steps to migrate Gmail emails to Office 365 for free. Also, one can save first 25 Gmail emails to Microsoft Office 365 with attachments free of cost.

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