Avianca Airlines is famous for its low-cost flight booking service, serving numerous passengers for excellent travel services. It is the largest airline in Colombia and has been the flag carrier since Avianca started taking passengers to various destinations. If you have booked a flight ticket to your required destination but cannot travel at a determined date and time, you can cancel Avianca Airlines flight online. Find some trouble in canceling your flight ticket and don’t know what to do. You must be aware of the cancelation policy and efficiently complete the cancellation task.


How to Cancel My Avianca Flight?

When you don’t wish to travel at the specific date and time, you must cancel your flight within 24 hours of flight booking and ask for a refund. If you need assistance with Avianca Airlines flight cancellation, go for the specific policy, start the cancellation task, and request a refund without paying any unnecessary cost. You need to understand the flight change and cancellation terms that you must read and then start the cancellation process that leads to getting a refund conveniently.

Learn the cancellation policy on Avianca Airlines:

·         You can reschedule and cancel your flight ticket within 24 hours of booking and request a refund without paying extra charges.

·         If you have booked your flight ticket within seven days and are willing to cancel your flight ticket, you will get your refund and avoid paying any cost.

·         When you book your Economy or business class ticket, you can request 24-hour risk-free cancellation and a refund soon.

·         If you go beyond 24 hours rule flight cancelation, you have to pay the charges around $75 for domestic and $400 on an international flight.

·         You get your refund in the original mode, which you can convert into a travel voucher for future flight journeys.

Get the process to cancel a flight on Avianca Airlines:

You can start the cancellation process quickly when you comprehend the complete details of the flight cancellation. To learn more, start with the steps to cancel your flight soon.

·         First, visit the booking website of Avianca Airlines and go to the manage booking section, which will be shown above on the same page.

·         Enter the passenger's reservation number and last name into the required fields and choose flight booking details.

·         Go to the flight change and cancellation tab, select the flight you want to cancel, and click the cancel button.

·         Click on the continue button, select the reason for the cancellation, cancel your flight, and request a refund soon.

·         You will get the message of flight cancellation on your registered mobile phone at the end of the cancelation task.

You must wait for the refund after the flight cancellation, which you get within seven to fourteen working days. If you want your refund to reschedule your flight, you can convert it into a travel voucher. However, if you wish to contact a representative at Avianca Airlines customer service centerfor the flight change and cancellation, you must go through the contact resources. You can use email, live chat, and phone call service to communicate with a representative and share your concerns to get the answer for flight cancelation suitably.

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