Passengers book their flights with various airlines based on many factors, the crux being how easily they can find additional customer service with the airline. Spirit Airlines has always been the best among its contemporaries for setting a quintessential example of how well the airline needs to excel in all domains to which it extends its services. Specifically, the airline has a good refund policy formulated that helps the passenger to get a refund from Spirit Airlines as per the situation. 


Thumb across the divergent modes and means of applying for a refund with the airline in case the passenger is faced with the situation of canceled flights. 


Expository attributes on the Spirit Airlines refund policy:


The passenger who is worried about the cancellation of a flight with the airline need not worry as the team with the airline has specified their Spirit Airlines refund policy, which the passenger can refer to from the details given below:


  • If the airline has canceled the flight without prior notification, the passengers are eligible for a refund or get a reservation credit based on the type of ticket purchase they made. There will be no cancellation fee charged for the same. 

  • The airline follows the 24-hour refund initiation policy where if the passenger has canceled within 24 hours of making the booking, they are entitled to get a full refund, which can also be done 7 days before the scheduled departure of the flight. 

  • No fee cancellation with a full refund is given to the passengers if the cancellation is made atleast 60 days before the date of the upcoming trip. 


Important point to be noted: The passenger usually gets charged between 69 USD to 119 USD as a fee of cancellation as per the number of days left for the departure of the flight. 


Details on the Spirit Airlines refund process:


There are various ways through which the passenger can get a refund from the airline by means of initiating the cancellation through Spirit Airlines Customer Service. The divergent ways to do the same are given below with intricate details:


  1. Connecting with the airline on call to initiate the refund process:


The passenger can directly place a call with the airline at 855-728-3555, where the Spirit Airlines customer support team would get connected to take in the request for cancellation. Once it is done, the passengers can proceed with initiating the refund with the airline as per the situation well within the policy formulated.


  1. Communication with Spirit Airlines on refund through the online portal:


Spirit Airlines allows the passenger to make use of the online portal of the airline for cancellation of tickets for delayed flights and subsequent refund initiation. The methodology that needs to be followed by the passenger is given here as:

  • Skim through the Spirit Airlines main page. 

  • Search on the page to find the My Trips link provided at the top end. 

  • Fill in the details of the Last Name and Confirmation code to find the booking.

  • Scroll down the different choices provided in the menu list and select the Cancel My Flight tab link.

  • Once the passenger makes a submission with the cancellation fee as applicable, they can fill in the refund form with the airline to initiate the process.

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