If you have been traveling with Avianca Airline for so long and being the frequent traveler, you have enjoyed some benefits. However, having connection with the customer service executive of the Airline every minute is also mandatory because this way, you can talk to live person at Avianca Airlines and can get your queries answered. They will be there to update you on the scheduled flights and ensure you have the best journey away from all the troubles and issues. However, in such cases, WhatsApp is the best contact method. 


How to contact Avianca Airlines on WhatsApp?

Whenever you are trying to get the most convenient way to contact Avianca Airlines, it is undoubtedly WhatsApp, which will take the least time, serves you Chat and Call and is available 24/7. You need to go through the steps that have been mentioned below, which will help you contact the Airline on WhatsApp without any problem:

  • First, you need to visit the official website of Avianca Airlines.

  • Then, you must scroll down to the Useful Links and select Contact Us from the options.

  • A Question mark is at the bottom right corner of the page, and by clicking on it, two options will appear.

  • Select Via WhatsApp, and on the next page, click “Continue to chat,” WhatsApp will be opened, and you can chat with the executive.

  • Apart from chatting, you can also call the Airline on WhatsApp by contacting the Call option on the right side.


What are the benefits of contacting Avianca on WhatsApp?

Whenever you choose WhatsApp to contact Avianca Airlines, this might be the best method that you have chosen. And to prove this, we have mentioned some of the benefits you can avail with WhatsApp as no one needs a guide to use this messaging application because of its demand:

  • WhatsApp is being used by many people, so contacting anyone on WhatsApp would be easy for them.

  • This service is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week, so you can contact the Airline anytime.

  • Chat and Call are available, so you can choose your preference and contact the Airline.

  • You do not have to follow a long, tiring process to contact the Airline.

  • The customer service is quick on WhatsApp and will instantly revert to you with solutions. 


What are the other contact methods at Avianca Airlines?

Some of the other methods that can help you reach the customer service of Avianca Airlines are listed below:

  • Phone Call: If you want the Airline to respond so that you can quickly resolve the issues. Then, connecting with them on the phone will be the best. The Airline will take just a few minutes to provide solutions to your queries. You just need to Contact Avianca Airlines Number by dialing 1 (800) 284-2622. Ensure you explain your problems to the executives in detail, as only then will they be able to resolve them instantly.


  • Emails: You can also share your concerns via email. You can share everything with the Airline, from suggestions, complaints, and compliments, and the Airline will respond to every email. Write down everything and send it to habeasdata@avianca.com. The Avianca Airlines customer service will respond as soon as possible.

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