Wondering how to import archive OLM file into Apple Mail?  Don’t worry; the segment explained a solution with the help of users who can quickly import archive OLM files in bulk into Apple Mail with emails and attachments.

Outlook for Mac and Apple Mail are the most used email applications. Both are popular as Personal Information Managers as they manage users’ day-to-day emails, contacts, calendars, and other items.

Outlook for Mac is really in use by many business professionals. It allows users to stay organized and connected. It gives people a consistent, reliable, and powerful experience that brings the best-in-class experience of Outlook into the Apple ecosystem. And also carries a pretty amazing GUI and looks better than Windows Outlook.

Apple Mail, on the other hand, has become the best alternative for Microsoft Outlook for Mac for many Mac individuals. It includes the ability to configure the software to receive all of the user’s email accounts in a single list, file emails into folders, search for emails, and automatically append signatures to outgoing emails. Moreover, it has integration support with Contacts list, Calendar apps, and other applications. Not only this, continue reading the section and you will surely understand why Apple Mail is an incomparable platform.

Some More Reasons why User should move from Mac Outlook to Apple Mail

Picking the right email platform is really important when it comes to overcoming the full INBOX. Apple is offering Mail App as a default email client for many years. It hasn’t matched with any other application such as Microsoft Outlook.

Apple Mail is a reliable and solid email application which is a great option for those who are new to email. It easily integrates with major email service providers. And, works best when used with iCloud and automatically sync with iCloud account if the iCloud account is already set up on Mac OS.

It is equipped with a simple set of features that are good enough for novice users who just get started with the necessary email experience.

Apple Mail is really an easy and powerful email application that helps many businesses execute important tasks instantly and efficiently.

Therefore migrating from Outlook to Apple Mail on macOS is a beneficial step.

How to Import Archive OLM File into Apple Mail?

The simple and easy method to import archive OLM file into Apple Mail is MacMister OLM to MBOX Converter. The software is simple to use, friendly, and reliable. Any technical and non-technical user can independently handle the tool as well as the conversion process. Even, the steps are also limited. It will take just a few seconds to successfully import archive OLM file into Apple Mail with emails and attachments.

Moreover, MacMister OLM to MBOX application has several features that help users can import archive OLM file into Apple Mail according to specific requirements. You can use the free download edition of the software and view the procedure to import archive OLM files into the Apple Mail email app for free.

Working Steps to Import Archive OLM File into Apple Mail

Step 1. Download and run MacMister OLM to MBOX Tool on macOS.


Step 2. Load necessary OLM files on the software with the help of dual buttons i.e. Add File(s)/Add Folder buttons and click on the Next button.


Step 3. The software start showing OLM files as a list with checkboxes. Quick Note. The checkbox option is added so that users can do the selection as per the requirements and import selective archive OLM file into Apple Mail. Click Next.


Step 4. Click the Select Saving Options property and choose MBOX format from the list.


Step 5. Set MBOX options according to the requirements and start the process by tapping Export button.

Step 6. The conversion process will be live and the tool will show Live Conversion Window through which users can track the ongoing progress of OLM files.


The complete procedure will not take a lot of time and deliver a “Conversion Completed” message in just a few seconds. Click on the OK button and go to your Apple Mail account to import the OLM file.

Step-by-Step Guide to Import MBOX in Apple Mail Account

  1. Open Apple Mail on a macOS.
  2. Click on File and select Import Mailboxes…
  3. Select Files in MBOX format and click Continue.
  4. Choose the resultant MBOX files and click on Choose
  5. The import process will start and finish instantly by enabling Done button. Click on it to stop the procedure.

Now, a new Import folder will be created on the left navigation pane under On My Mac. You can click on it to open the INBOX folder which will appear with the count of emails it is carrying. Open the required email file and verify the result. You will appreciate the accuracy of the content and the formatting properties.


The write-up has offered an exceptional technique to import archive OLM files into an Apple Mail account. The Mac OLM Converter by MacMister is an advanced technique that delivers fast processing and accurate results. And, to experience the process, download the trial edition now and check how to archive OLM files to Apple Mail for free. Moreover, one can import 25 OLM emails and attachments to Apple Mail free of cost.

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