I Am Fish is an exciting adventure game in which players control four different fish friends who are separated by circumstances beyond their control and must overcome various challenges to be reunited. The focus of the game is on physics-based puzzles that provide many interesting play options.

There are 4 characters in the game tiny fishing, each character is a different type of fish that comes with its own strengths and weaknesses. This also means that each type of fish will have its own playing style. Three of them also have a special ability: the puffer fish inflates its body, the piranha can bite, and the flying fish has the ability to glide.
The first character is a goldfish, focused on movement and capable of swimming effectively. Pufferfish often have to roll between bodies of water or inflate to quickly jump to higher points. Piranhas have the ability to cause a lot of property damage by destroying water pipes and flooding homes. Players will have to adapt to the different playing styles of each fish species to take advantage of their strengths and avoid their weaknesses.
I Am Fish requires the player to dodge specific enemies, usually seagulls. Such enemies act as obstacles that cannot be directly fought but can be avoided once the player knows the tricks.
Seagulls often attempt to attack fish when they detect them. The best way to avoid these birds is to not move whenever they are looking so as not to attract attention. If the fish continues to move, the seagull will notice and begin diving immediately.
Standing still will cause the gulls to lose interest and direct their attention elsewhere. Seagulls tend to attack when fish are in jars or aquariums. Fish sometimes need to move in order to keep their water container from falling off the high platform and breaking. When this happens, the fish will want to minimize unnecessary movement.
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