Linksys extender login is required before setting up and managing the network. Although it's a straightforward process, there are two ways you can log in. To carry out that process, you must learn the default and correct login credentials for the repeater. But the manual setup guide for the extender that you received in the box has this precise information. It is therefore advised that you read the manual once to ensure that you are successful during the login process.

Then, select one of two login options, including the WiFi app process or the web login. You'll need to use any web browser on your device to reach the web login page for the first step. Look up the extender's default web or IP address to access the website and enter your login information there. The Linksys WiFi app must be downloaded to your smartphone in order to use the latter method, which involves the app login process. Launch the program after it has been installed, then log in after accepting the terms and conditions.

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