The famous Instagram stories that we also have available after downloading the respective Facebook, allow us to share unique moments that perhaps are not important enough to remain over time on our walls or photo galleries.
I say because these stories only last 24 hours, people who see them can send us comments about them, but not leave a Like, for example.
Of course, when someone views your Instagram story, that view is recorded, so to speak, it is saved and recorded and we can see who has seen said story.
Many people like to watch Instagram stories, but surely in your case you want a specific person not to realize that you are looking at their story, that is why in this article I want to teach you how to view an Instagram story without anyone noticing. account.
  View an Instagram story without anyone noticing
  Trick to view Instagram stories without leaving the view
  View Instagram stories without it being recorded
  View Instagram stories without leaving a record with Chorme
  Use Insta-stories-viewer to view stories on Instagram
View an Instagram story without anyone noticing
As soon as one person uploads a story, those who see it are registered. When the person who uploaded said story looks, they can see the username and profile photo of us. This way, when you see an Instagram story, you are registered in a list with the other people who also saw it.
Do you want to see Instagram stories without leaving the view? We have two options and the first is one of the ones that people use the most: create a new account. We can manage two accounts from our application. So having an extra account so to speak is not so crazy.
However, we must start following that person and maintain the account so that it does not seem too fake, something that costs time and in many cases we do not feel like it.
Next, we will show you the other way, and one of the most used, that we can put into practice to view Instagram stories, without anyone noticing.

Trick to view Instagram stories without leaving the view

To be able to see an Instagram story without them realizing it, we can do the following:
Let's go to Instagram.
Now you have to update the app by sliding from the top to the bottom so that it loads all the content.
If you want to see stories from a specific profile, do the same thing I mentioned above but within that person's profile.
Now put your phone in airplane mode.
You will not have a Wi-Fi or mobile data connection. Do not activate Wi-Fi or anything, you must be without an internet connection.
Go back to Instagram and open the story you want to see.
After this you must close the application (force stop).
Deactivate airplane mode and activate Wi-Fi again.
Now you can return to Instagram and the view will not be recorded. Without internet it is not registered since your phone cannot “communicate” with Instagram servers. In this way, the only one who knows that he saw said story is you and no one else but you.
It is clear that once you finish and want to remove Airplane Mode to have internet again, before doing that you must go back, until you have no story open, because if you remove Airplane Mode with a story open, it is recorded that you saw it, understood?
As you can see, it is not at all complicated to watch Instagram stories without them noticing, it is a matter of having a little patience activating and deactivating Airplane Mode, but you can load all the stories you want so as not to constantly deactivate and activate the way in question, that's how easy it is.
We want to clarify that if the App stops viewing normally it is for a reason, so it is recommended to view the stories normally.

View Instagram stories without it being recorded

Instagram stories are one of the main functions added to this social network recently, and the truth is that there are many of us who not only upload our own stories, but also see those of others.
In any case, we know that when we see someone else's stories, that person will be able to know perfectly well that we have done it, and that is a problem.
What happens is that when someone views our Instagram stories, we can know who it was, so we have a clear idea of when they saw our stories, and who did and who didn't.
Do you want to know how to view Instagram stories anonymously from Chrome? Then we are going to show you a little trick that the famous Google Chrome browser applies.

View Instagram stories without leaving a record with Igsaved

Well, as we said then, many users have been asking us how to view Instagram stories anonymously, and that is why we want to show you a trick that we believe is one of the best in this regard

Of course, you have to keep in mind that on both iPhone and Android phones it is impossible to carry out this step by step, so you have to use a PC for it.
Well, it happens that in order to anonymously view Instagram stories, you have to install an extension for the Google Chrome browser called Chrome IG Story.
This extension has been developed by Alec Garcia, and while we wait for a similar option to appear for mobile phones, we want to show you how it will work on PC.
Thanks to Chrome IG Story, you will be able to see the Instagram stories of absolutely all the people you follow on Instagram, or that you don't follow but who have their public accounts, so be sure to keep them in mind.
Use Chrome IG Story to view stories on Instagram
This is a tool that many users will probably take into account, so let's add some additional information about it.
Once you have installed the extension we are talking about, you have to click on the Anonymous View option, which not only will not show the person who uploaded the story that you have seen it, but it will not even tell them that they have seen it. someone hidden or something similar.
Of course, if it worked that way, we understand that the extension would be somewhat suspicious and disturbing to most.
Of course, the specialists who have been talking about the extension have already mentioned that they have the feeling that it will become extremely popular in a short time, since there are many who want to see the stories without anyone knowing.
We have to consider, however, that we still do not know how Instagram will act, if it will allow this type of extensions and plugins.
On the other hand, you have to keep in mind that just as this extension will allow you to see other users' stories anonymously, others will also be able to see yours without you being able to do anything about it.
In any case, we have to be very careful in these cases, trying not to generate any type of controversy or problems due to the content that others upload.
Have you already started viewing Instagram stories anonymously with this extension?

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