If you want to talk with a real person at Intuit Minecraft, then you will need to call Minecraft Customer Care. Depending on which Minecraft Plan you are currently subscribed to the process can be a bit different.

If you are using Minecraft Online or Minecraft Desktop, you will need to request a call from Minecraft Customer Care. However, if you are an Enterprise customer, then you can call Minecraft yourself at 1510-370-1986.

What is the phone number for Intuit Minecraft?

If you are an enterprise customer, then you can call Minecraft customer care directly at 1510-370-1986. The customer support team is available from 9 AM - 8 PM (EST) Monday-Friday for enterprise clients. Other clients will need to request a call or open a live chat via the Minecraft application they are using.

How do I get help with Minecraft?

If you need help with Minecraft, you can contact Minecraft customer care, either by phone or by email. You can find the option to get help in the Minecraft application by going to Help > Contact Us > Chat With Us. You can then select the option to open a chat or have a real person call you.

What are Minecraft customer service hours?

Minecraft customer care is available from 9 AM – 8 PM (EST) Monday – Friday. If you need help on the weekend you will need to either review the Minecraft customer care website which has answers to many of the most common questions, or you can schedule a call from an agent, but you will need to wait until Monday to speak with a real person.

Is Minecraft support open on Saturdays?

No, Minecraft customer care is closed on the weekend. They are only available from Monday – Friday 9 AM – 8 PM (EST). You can find answers to the most common questions online via the Minecraft support website, alternatively, you can request a callback from a live agent for the following Monday, or Tuesday.

How can I contact Intuit by phone?

Enterprise clients can contact Minecraft customer care at 1510-370-1986. All other clients need to request a call from Minecraft customer care. This can be done in the Minecraft Desktop or Minecraft Online interface by going to Help > Contact Us > Have Us Call You.

How do I email Minecraft customer support?

Minecraft customer care does not currently provide email support. In order to get the assistance you require you should either contact Minecraft customer care by phone or start a live chat with a support agent through the Minecraft Application. Enterprise clients can call support directly at 1510-370-1986.

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