Do you want to start QuickBooks Online from scratch or want to restart as an existing customer? You can move further with both scenarios easily. If you're a new user, just sign up, create your new company, and start over. But as an existing user, you must 'delete QuickBooks Online data and start from scratch.' 

Starting over as an existing user can be confusing, and you may not know what to do. You must read the guide thoroughly to get the complete idea and learn the process. We are providing a detailed method by which you can easily restart QB. 

It can happen when you find yourself exhausted or unable to follow this guide. In that case, we would suggest you get the help from experts. So, dial TFN  +1-(855)-955-1942 and get in touch with us. We have hired fully-trained QB professionals 

Things You Must Know Before Removing the Existing Data 

  • If you are a QuickBooks Online for Accountants user, you cannot delete or start over the company data. You must go through the provided Terms & Conditions or cancel your SubscriptionSubscription and restart it. 
  • Signed in QuickBooks Online only as an admin for erasing and starting over. 
  • Using this process, you can only clear the data of a company file. To delete all of Intuit's data related to your company, go through Intuit's website and learn about it through the Privacy Policy. 

Erase your QuickBooks Online Data and Start Over If Your Account is 60 Days Older  

QuickBooks offers the data erasing and restarting feature only when you're using QB for less than 60 days. As an older user than that, you have to cancel your ongoing SubscriptionSubscription and repurchase it. Doing so will help you remove the older data and restart your company with a new data file. 

  • Cancel your current SubscriptionSubscription 
  • Repurchase it in a new account: 
  • Open QuickBooks Online and stay on the homepage. 
  • Sign in using the previous account credentials or create a new account using the new credentials. 
  • Create a new data file and start over. 

Delete Online Data And Start Over In QuickBooks As a User with Less Than 60 Days

Note: You can only move further with this feature if you're a QuickBooks Online's Advanced, Plus, Essentials, and EasyStart users. You can't erase or restart without having a basic account. Also, once you have deleted your company data, you cannot be able to restore it. Before you move to the below-mentioned steps, ensure you want to erase the data completely. Now, move forward: 

Some points you should keep in mind: 

  • After removing your data, you may want to restart with a different industry; QB offers the feature to change it. 
  • After deleting your data, there'll be two options to start over: whether the system will create an account based on your industry or you want to start with clean charts of accounts. Choose one method and move. 
  • Once you make the choice and move next, click Wipe Data. When done, you'll be further prompted to the homepage to start over.  

Now, follow the steps to delete the data: 

  • Sign in to QuickBooks Online Company using your credentials. 
  • Stay on the homepage and replace the homepage URL with /purgecompany as; to


  • You'll be prompted to another window with data and a summary of items you want to delete. Hit Yes to delete the data and OK to complete this process. 

After following this guide, you can quickly 'delete QuickBooks Online data and start from scratch.' There might be some situations where you want some guidance from experts or to get the answer to your queries. In that case, dial   +1-(855)-955-1942  and contact our technical support team, and you'll be further connected with the experts. 

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