Dubai, known for its rapid growth and global prominence, has always placed a strong emphasis on developing its local workforce. Emiratisation, the drive to encourage the employment of Emirati nationals, has been at the forefront of this effort. To further this mission, the Emiratisation Hub has introduced the groundbreaking Emirati Salary Support Scheme in Dubai.

Fostering Emirati Employment

Emiratisation is not just a policy; it's a commitment to empower Emirati citizens, providing them with opportunities to contribute to the country's thriving economy. The Emiratisation Hub, a pioneering force in this movement, has unveiled this innovative Salary Support Scheme as a catalyst for change.

The Emirati Salary Support Scheme: What You Need to Know

1. Financial Incentives

One of the primary pillars of this scheme is the provision of financial incentives to private sector companies that hire and retain Emirati talent. These incentives are designed to encourage businesses to prioritize the employment of Emirati nationals.

2. Employer Benefits

Companies that participate in the Salary Support Scheme gain access to various benefits, including financial subsidies and support in covering Emirati employees' salaries. This helps reduce the financial burden on businesses while boosting their commitment to Emiratisation.

3. Career Development

The Emiratisation Hub goes beyond mere job placement; it focuses on the holistic development of Emirati talent. Through training and career development programs, Emirati employees are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in their roles.

4. Support for Emirati Job Seekers

For Emirati job seekers, the Salary Support Scheme offers assistance in finding suitable employment opportunities within the private sector. This support includes job matching, interview preparation, and counseling services.

Advantages for Businesses

1. Government Partnership

By participating in the Salary Support Scheme, businesses forge a meaningful partnership with the government in advancing Emiratisation goals. This collaboration can open doors to various opportunities and resources.

2. Enhanced Reputation

Companies that actively support Emiratisation demonstrate their commitment to the local community and economy. This can lead to an enhanced corporate image and reputation.

3. Diverse Talent Pool

Emirati talent brings a unique perspective and skill set to the workplace. Diversifying your workforce with Emirati employees can lead to innovation and fresh insights.

How to Get Started

Businesses interested in participating in the Emirati Salary Support Scheme can reach out to the Emiratisation Hub for guidance and assistance. The process is designed to be straightforward, ensuring a smooth transition towards a more Emirati-inclusive workforce.


The Emirati Salary Support Scheme, initiated by the Emiratisation Hub, is a testament to Dubai's commitment to nurturing its local talent and strengthening its position on the global stage. This innovative initiative not only benefits businesses but also empowers Emirati citizens, paving the way for a brighter and more prosperous future for all. Embrace the Emirati Salary Support Scheme and be a part of Dubai's journey towards a thriving and inclusive workforce.

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