You cannot get prescription medicines without a prescription. If you do not have a doctor's prescription, a legitimate pharmaceutical seller will never offer you prescription drugs. You may only receive a prescription for medication from a doctor, even an internet doctor, if specific criteria are met. They must, for instance, have access to your current medical records.
When can medicines be prescribed online?
Only the following conditions must be met for an online doctor to provide you with a prescription:
has access to your current medical information, a therapeutic relationship with you, and is aware of your prescription history.
To correctly diagnose your medical condition, the clinician must satisfy each of these requirements. If not, they are not permitted to online prescribe you medications. Based on your responses to an online questionnaire, internet physicians are not permitted to prescribe medications.
Avoid purchasing prescription drugs from internet vendors that don't need a prescription.
Have you discovered a website that sells drugs that ordinarily need a prescription but is now available without one? They are selling bogus medications, so beware. They can drastically harm your health if you use them.
Check to see if the medication you desire requires a prescription.
Search the Medicines Information Bank for the drug you wish to purchase. It will tell you whether a medicine is only available on prescription. The Information Bank is maintained by the Committee for the Safety of Medicines.

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