Flying in a group is quite a memorable travel experience, but the main concern is the booking process. However, Delta Airlines Group Travel online booking helps you to board a flight & enjoy your group excursion. 

It’s a major airline & one of the oldest airlines in operation. On the other hand, it provides more than 5400 flights & offers services to 325 destinations. However, Delta One is considered a business class providing unbelievable inflight services. 

Apart from these, the airline also provides on-demand inflight entertainment to worldwide passengers.  

How to reserve seats on the Delta group flight?

If you are planning a group trip for vacations & business, then the passengers can follow the below steps:

  1. Visit the official website of Delta Airlines. 
  2. Now, look for a group booking option. 
  3. However, you can see a group booking travel request form. 
  4. You need to fill in the form by providing the details about travel, passenger details, special request & request submission. 
  5. After that, you’ll get an email from the airline to mention your preferred range. 
  6. On the other side, complete the whole process & enjoy your group trip.

Explain the different terms & conditions while booking a group flight.

Before you plan for the Delta Airlines Group Travel Booking, it’s necessary to know about the terms & conditions:

  1. Your group should have ten members; however, if you are one member short, the flight gets cancelled & the deposits get forfeited. 
  2. If you wish to add a member, then there’ll be an additional fee and flight fare. 
  3. However, the group booking feature is not applicable under the Skymiles upgrade. So, you can’t make a Delta group booking under this feature. 

How to get more information about the airlines group booking?

If you need more details about the group reservation, connect by dialling 1 (800) 212-1212. However, you can talk to the Delta airline representative & get to know about the features of group booking.

What are the advantages of flying in a group with Delta?

There are some points below that you can read:

  1. Enjoy a trip with you friend, family or colleagues together 
  2. Book a flight on the discounted rates
  3. Irrespective of booking a separate trip, book a flight & save time, money. 
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