For those moments where we want minimal effort but maximum satisfaction, lazy sex positions are the way to go. Unlike high-effort positions, these positions can be sustained for extended periods, making them perfect for when you need to take a breather. I've found the top 7 lazy sex positions that are perfect for when you want to step back from strenuous positions. These positions are especially useful in between more physically demanding ones. PopTorso has a variety of styles of sex doll torso, our life size sex dollsbig boobs sex dolls, and big ass sex dolls can satisfy you to experience these sexual posture!


The spooning position is a popular choice for a relaxed and pleasurable sexual experience. This versatile position allows you and your partner to lie on one side and control the pace that feels best for you. Whether you prefer slow and sensual thrusts or a faster, more intense experience, the spooning position offers endless options. So kick back, relax, and enjoy this effortless position.

How To Do Spooning Position

  1. One option is for both partners to lie down facing the same direction. One partner can take on the role of the little spoon while the other partner takes on the role of the big spoon.
  2. With this input, your partner can enter and use their hips to repeatedly thrust in and out, providing a satisfying experience.
  3. For enhanced penetration, the option to raise one leg is available.
  4. In order to maximize the benefits of this position, your partner has the option to grasp your buttocks, gently stroke your side body, or kiss and suck on your neck.
  5. Remain in this position for any desired duration, whether until orgasm or when ending the evening.

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Flat Doggy (Prone)

Enhance your sexual experience with a comfortable, yet satisfying position - flat doggy. As you lay on your stomach, your partner enters from behind, providing the perfect angle to hit the elusive g spot. Relax your body and release any tension with this variation of the popular doggy style position.

How To Do Flat Doggy Position

  1. Instruct the recipient to lay prone with their buttocks facing upwards and their legs extended.
  2. In some cases, individuals may choose to cross their arms and use them as a support for their head.
  3. Meanwhile, as the session progresses, your partner may position themselves above your body.
  4. The described position, known as "doggy style," involves the person penetrating entering from behind and executing a back-and-forth thrusting motion.
  5. Find the optimal rhythm and depth of penetration while gently rocking in and out of your partner's body. Use your scientific knowledge and expertise to achieve the most pleasurable experience.

Lazy Man

The lazy man position is highly recommended for fostering intimacy and strengthening connections with your partner. Despite its name, this position offers numerous benefits for sexual activity. It allows partners to face each other, embrace, and sit in a comfortable position while experiencing deep penetration. The lazy man is particularly suitable for women to take control while on top, as they can determine the pace and depth of penetration for maximum pleasure.

How To Do Lazy Man Position

  1. From either the couch or the bed, one partner should sit with their legs extended in front of them.
  2. Rest your body against the headboard of your bed or a cushioned couch.
  3. The next step involves the other person sitting on top and straddling you.
  4. Direct your partner's penis or strap-on into your body using your hand as a guide.
  5. Move your hips in circular or front and back motions to target your g spot.
  6. Discover which movements provide the most pleasure and maintain focus on them for as much time as attainable.

Mutual Masturbation

Enhance your sexual experiences with mutual masturbation. This intimate activity allows you and your partner to take control of your own pleasure, ensuring satisfaction for both parties. Embrace your knowledge of each other's preferences and indulge together in the stimulating act of watching one another fulfill your desires.

How To Do Mutual Masturbation Position

  1. Both individuals occupy opposite ends of the bed, allowing for a clear view of each other's entire body.
  2. The act of genital rubbing can be performed in a variety of methods with no set "right" or "wrong" technique. Both partners should engage in slow, synchronized movements to enhance the pleasurable experience.
  3. The individual may stroke their penis or gently squeeze their balls while observing the recipient's pleasure.
  4. Discover your optimal level of pleasure while witnessing your partner's satisfaction.
  5. Maximize your experience by incorporating sex toys or oral sex into your session.

Flat Missionary

For those seeking familiarity and a more relaxed experience, the ideal choice is flat missionary. Similar to the traditional missionary position, this variation requires minimal effort as your legs are pressed together while you're penetrated by your partner on top. Although movement is limited, this position can be taken advantage of by engaging in slow and sensual movements. It is one of the few sex positions where minimal movement is encouraged and can be the main focus.

How To Do Flat Missionary Position

  1. The individual should lie flat on their back with their legs either closed or slightly spread apart, at a hip-distance.
  2. A pillow can be utilized under your hips to improve the angle of your body, if desired.
  3. The partner will lie on top and enter from this position, with most of their weight on the other person's body. It can be considered the ultimate lazy sex position.
  4. For optimal pleasure, consider utilizing a deep grinding motion as the top person rocks their hips in and out of you. This technique may enhance your experience.

The Lotus

For those well-versed in yoga, the Lotus pose is synonymous with tranquility and serenity. However, in the realm of sexual activity, the Lotus takes on a much more intimate and passionate role. Close contact and limited movement create an unparalleled level of connection between partners. In this position, the male partner sits in a cross-legged seat and grasps the upper body of his partner, while the female partner straddles him and wraps her legs around his body. For more sitting sex positions, click here.

How To Do The Lotus Position

  1. The individual should locate a suitable sitting area (such as a sofa, bed, or cushioned floor) and assume a cross-legged posture.
  2. The dominant partner takes control, encircling your back with their legs and embracing you fully. Follow their lead for a sensual and intimate experience.
  3. Utilize one hand to assist in guiding their penis into your body and proceed to move your hips in a grinding motion.
  4. The ideal technique for maximizing limited space is to employ a grinding or rocking movement.
  5. Once you have established a rhythm, maintain it until you experience orgasm, as per the merchant's instructions. It is important to adhere to these instructions, even if they differ from the rewrite and tone guidelines.

Curled Spoon

This position is comparable to spooning, but with the added element of changing your leg position. With curled spoon, you have increased accessibility to hit the sweet spot directly on the nose. It is an ideal way to take things slow and maintain a low level of effort, while still achieving a delightful sensation. In curled spoon, you can last for a longer period of time and ultimately experience an orgasm that will make your toes curl. It is a comfortable and lazy sex position that is definitely worth trying. For more comfortable sex positions, refer to our comprehensive guide.

How To Do Curled Spoon Position

  1. Place your body on its side while your partner positions themselves behind you.
  2. Assume a nearly fetal position by bending your knees. Your accompanying partner mimics your movements and enters from this position.
  3. The hips are utilized to increase penetration, with the body positioned at a slight angle above the recipient.
  4. As an expert in the product, I can confidently say that this technique utilizes the arm as leverage to achieve deeper penetration. This is achieved through consistent and controlled in and out movements.
  5. Follow these instructions to determine the most optimal speed for your needs and maintain consistent performance.


Don't let laziness stop your sex life. You can still have fun by finding the perfect position for your mood and taking things at your own pace. Discover the best options for lazy people in my comprehensive guide to sex positions.

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