Amina.z salon is famous and owned by the famous artist "Amina.z". He has been running a salon since 2018 in Lahore. It is the most popular and best salon Lahore. This salon is very well known and renowned in Lahore for two reasons: its hygienic atmosphere and its quality services. The salon owner has a motive to provide a bridal salon that completely satisfies a bride's demand. This salon provides the best ease to its customer by giving them their very own high-quality services. Although it is a wedding venue, its specialty is bridal makeup by Amina.z. They provide all the services that a bride needs in her wedding. Their services include hair care, skincare, and makeup. Hair care includes hair straightening, bouncing, streaking, lightening, perming, and hair coloring. Skin care includes any facial, manicure, pedicure as well as bridal mehndi. They have made their services affordable to the public. They charge Barat prices on valima makeup. It is a famous and best venue in Lahore because of its best wedding services.

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