What is BAT? 

Basic Attention encompasses user focus on digital content. Prominent with Basic Attention Token (BAT) and Brave browser, it rewards ad engagement, shielding privacy. BAT aims to fairly compensate users for online attention.

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Understanding of Basic Attention (BAT)

  • Basic Attention Token (BAT) leverages the Ethereum blockchain and the Brave browser.

  • BAT serves as currency on Brave, facilitating various advertising services.

  • It enables exchanges among users, advertisers, and publishers, capitalizing on user attention—a crucial element in digital advertising.

  • BAT creators aim to enhance digital advertising practices, perceiving current trends as detrimental to users, publishers, and advertisers.

  • Users face ad overload, intrusive trackers, and potent malware, impacting online experiences negatively.

  • BAT developers propose improving digital advertising by tracking user interactions with ad content via a distributed ledger.

  • This aims to enhance the advertising experience for advertisers, publishers, and users. Users can expect fewer, more personalized ads.

  • Publishers gain new revenue streams, while advertisers can better target users based on preferences, and interests, and efficiently combat fraud.

BAT Token Value

  • As outlined in its white paper, the Basic Attention Token launch targeted a fundraising goal of $24 million.

  • By late November 2021, the token soared to its peak value, reaching approximately $1.76.

  • As of May 31, 2023, the circulating supply stood at 100%, comprising 1.50 billion BAT, matching the total supply.

  • The BAT exchange rate is fixed at 6,400 BAT per ETH, fluctuating in line with Ethereum's price changes. As of May 31, 2023, the rate stood at 8,686 BAT per ETH.

  • Source: Wallet Investor's "ETH to BAT Calculator."


In conclusion, Basic Attention Token (BAT) serves as a pioneer in transforming digital advertising, prioritizing user attention and privacy. Integrated with the Brave browser and Ethereum blockchain, BAT offers equitable compensation for users and efficient solutions for advertisers and publishers. 

As BAT advances, its influence on digital advertising grows, promising a fairer and more engaging online experience. Additionally, its alignment with 'USDT to INR', 'token listing', 'buy BTC', and 'how to buy Bitcoin in India' underscores its relevance in the cryptocurrency and digital asset markets.
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