The creation of a Tantaly torso sex doll is a far more intricate process than most people realize. In this article, we'll delve deeper into the development of a Tantaly torso, from the sources of its components to the eventual outcome.

The Tantaly torso doll is composed of TPE material and white mineral oil for its primary components.

Tantaly is a renowned name in the sex doll industry, manufacturing TPE sex torso dolls of the highest quality. Tantaly love dolls are made using medical-grade SEBS, a styrene-based polymer which also falls under the TPE family (which consists of SBS, SIS, SEBS, and SEPS). This material is widely sought after due to its soft and supple nature, as well as its non-toxic properties.

Tantaly dolls are infused with white oil, a cosmetic-grade substance that helps maintain the doll's softness and adds a realistic texture to the skin. This oil is safe for skin contact, and ensures the doll will remain supple over time.

Designer Tantaly Doll

Sex Doll design

Sex Doll design

The development of a Tantaly torso doll begins with building a 3D model of the life size sex doll, detailing exact characteristics such as color, hip size, breast size, and other bodily details. Achieving a form that is both attractive and functional is critical. Additionally, this design must include the correct positioning of the Tantaly doll's skeleton, which is placed in the mold after designing. When this step is complete, production moves on to the subsequent phase.

Making Tantaly Sex Torso Mold

Sculpting the designed model

Expert sculptors with over seven years of experience craft Tantaly's molds using copper for their longevity, non-toxicity, and ability to achieve exquisite detail in the rendering of Tantaly love dolls. The production of these molds takes 25-35 days.

Skilled colorists precisely combine TPE powder, white mineral oil, and food-grade toner in specific proportions to achieve the exact skin tone for each Tantaly sex doll. This procedure is essential in assuring consistency of color and naturalness in appearance.

Pouring and cooling
The following step is to cast the ready TPE substance into the form, and afterward employ air, water, or refrigeration to chill the form depending on the size of the item. Cooling time depends on the doll size; for instance, a Tantaly mini love doll of a few hundred grams will require 1-2 hours to cool, a medium-sized love doll would need 4-8 hours, a full-size one of 15kg would take 10-12 hours, while BBW sex dolls weighing 30kg or more should take 24 hours.

Trim and repair
Post-molding, the love doll's excess material is cut and pressed, while superficial blemishes are corrected. The production team took special care to guarantee a seamless, even surface of the doll. Should any major defects be found, the Tantaly doll will be disposed and sent for reprocessing.

Apply Renewal Powder
To minimize the presence of white mineral oil on the surface of the doll, you may use a roller machine to powder the mini doll and manually powder the larger one. This helps to keep the skin on the doll dry.

Coloring the doll

Doll coloring
The final phase of manufacture involves painting the doll's genitalia and areolae. Initially, the coloring will appear more vivid, but over time it will become more subtle, due to the dyes seeping into the TPE material. Post-purchase, the intensity of this sex color will vary depending on how regularly the doll is used and washed. In addition, all the colorants employed by Tantaly are edible and safe to ingest.

Final inspection and packaging
The Tantaly torso doll undergoes two evaluations to guarantee it complies with Tantaly's stringent expectations. The creation team then compiles the bundle, incorporating folding and cutting, inserting the item, applying a plastic wrap and affixing a barcode. The packaging process encompasses 10-14 separate phases, contingent on the item's properties.

Tantaly sex torso production comprises a complex and meticulous process taking 80+ hours to complete from design to quality assurance and packaging. This attention to detail ensures that each torso conveys the superior quality humanity has come to expect from the Tantaly brand.

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