Get ready gamers because Diablo 4 Season 4 is here and it's bringing in some big changes. Blizzard recently released a campfire chat detailing what the upcoming update will bring, which involves major system enhancements that will change how you play the game.
New Crafting System
The new crafting system that's being implemented in Season 4 is set to turn the in-game economy on its head. This new system seems to be focused on offering players greater customization than ever before, so it's definitely not just another item combination feature.
Patch Test Realm (PTR) Goes Live
Season 4 is also making Diablo history by allowing all Battlenet users access to the PTR for the first time. You'll be able to test out what's coming in this update directly through Battlenet without needing an invite, and if there are any fixes needed during testing then you can expect them immediately — no waiting.
Itemization Overhaul
Redundant affixes are being removed from items in Season 4 and replaced with meaningful loot. Each piece of equipment you come across will now have a purpose beyond just increasing your stats, improving your gameplay and strategy as well.
Codex of Power Enhancements
The Codex of Power will display your highest roll for each aspect after this new update drops. The feature already plays an important role in customizing builds, but it seems like Blizzard wants players to get even more serious about using it despite low rolls.
Eternal Realms Affected Too
What happens during seasonal play doesn't always carry over into Eternal Realms content, but these changes are going to ensure that they do. Every adaptation you make while playing Season 4 won't be lost once a new season starts up.
New In-Game Systems Teased
Blizzard leaves us with little information about these systems other than they're coming soon and that they'll change how we slay and loot. Improvements like intuitive aspect sorting and new crafting options are purely speculation at this point.
Feedback and Timing Concerns
With the PTR dropping late in the current season, there's concern that Blizzard won't have enough time to make necessary adjustments before Season 5 starts. Though the developers assure players that their voices will be heard, it's hard to believe they'll have enough time to act on any feedback provided during testing.
Looking Ahead
Season 4 is just around the corner and it begs the question of what its seasonal theme could be. Will all these changes work together with a convenient theme or will players still have to compete with irritating mechanics? Only time will tell.
Stay tuned for more information regarding Diablo 4 Season 4 as Blizzard releases updates. Hardcore players and casual fans alike should get ready to dive back into Sanctuary when this update drops because it seems like things are only getting better from here on out.
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