Washable Baby Pants Diaper Unbranded Fream Fit Nappy in Bale

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Washable Baby Pants Diaper Unbranded Fream Fit Nappy in Bale

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16.00cm * 10.00cm * 1.00cm
Package Gross Weight

Product Description

1. Soft  pluff pulp Backsheet: breathable and comfrotable: strong enough against being broken.
2. Magic Tapes: reusable as many times as you can; strong and sticky.
3. Green ADL: distribute urine all over to make it more dry.
4. Super Soft Cotton Topsheet: make baby feel more soft
5. Huge Absorbency: instantly absorb urine and lock wetness, say goodbye to rashes.
6. No leakage. High Quality.
7. Elastic Waistband: Easily adjust to fit baby's waist. Baby feel more easy and healthy.
8. Economic prices: High quality but very cheap prices. 

Size Baby Weight  (kg) SAP (g) ABSORBENCY(ml) Diaper Weight (g) Quality Packing QTY/40HQ
S 3-6 5 500 21 Pluff pulp+Magic+ADL+Waistband 80pcs*4bags/polybag 470,000pcs
M 5-10 6 600 27 Pluffpulp+Magic+ADL+Waistband 72pcs*4bags/polybag 390,000pcs
L 9-13 7 700 31 Pluff pulp+Magic+ADL+Waistband 64pcs*4bags/polybag 350,000pcs
XL 13-25 8 800 35 Pluff pulp+Magic+ADL+Waistband 56pcs*4bags/polybag 320,000pcs