Natural Fragrance Moist Brightening Shower Gel

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Natural Fragrance Moist Brightening Shower Gel

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1) Main ingredients:                                                                                
Seaweed extract, salicylic acid, lemon essence, vitamin C, mulberry whitening essence, amino acid, compound vitamin B3, B5, VE and natural herbal essence, mint

2) Characteristics and Advantages:                                                                                                                             Locking skin moisture, providing adequate nutrition, whitening and tendering skin naturally, make skin bright, red and elastic.      

3) Usage:                                                                                                                                                  
Apply this article on your whole body, rub few minutes with rich foam, and rinse with the clear water. 

4) Colors: Purple/Lilac, Pink, White, Yellow, Blue, green, red, etc

5) ) Flavors:                                                                                          
Lavender, Rose, Milk, Lemon, Mint, Green tea, Cucumber, almost all possible fruity and flower flavors: Quality and formula is tailor-made for you, OEM is welcome.