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Basic Info.

Model NO.
Split Type Cartridges
Number of Color
Cartridge′s Status
Newest Compatible Chip
High Quality Dye or Pigment Ink
Transport Package
Nuetral Box or Color Box
High Quality
HS Code
Production Capacity
1, 000, 000PCS Per Month

Packaging & Delivery

Package Size
5.00cm * 5.00cm * 5.00cm
Package Gross Weight

Product Description

1) PGI-525/CLI-526, PGI225/CLI226, PGI325/CLI326, PGI825/CLI826 ink cartridge with chip for Canon printer series
2) 3rd chipped ink cartridge for Canon printer are mass-produced now, they are in abundant supply now. 
3) Colour: Black/Cyan/Magenta/Yellow/Photo Magenta/Photo Cyan/Cray
4) Ink Volume: 11.50-27.00ml for different models
5) Ink Kind: Dye based ink or pigment ink. 

6) Compatible for printers as below: 
For Canon Pixma MG5210, IP4810, IX6510, MG6110 (LA)
For Canon MG6110 (LA)
For Canon MG8120/MG6120/MG5220/MG5120, IP4820, MX882, IX6520, MG5210, IP4810 (LA, US)
For Canon MG8120/MG6120 (US)
For Canon PIXUS MG8130/MG6130/MG5230/MG5130, IP4830, MX883, IX6530 (JP)
For Canon MG8130/MG6130 (JP)
For Canon MG5240, MG5140, IP4840, IX6540, MX884, MG8140, MG6140 (EUR/ME)
For Canon MG8140, MG6140 (EUR/ME). 

For Canon MG8150/MG6150/MG5250/MG5150, IP4850, IX6550, MX885 (EUR/AU)
For Canon MG8150/MG6150(EUR/AU)
For Canon MG8170/MG6170/MG5270/MG5170, IP4870, MX886, IX6560 (AP)
For Canon MG8170/MG6170(AP)
For Canon MG8180/MG6180/MG5280/MG5180, IP4880, IX6580, MX888(China)
For Canon MG8180/MG6180 (China)
Nature Toner Co., Ltd offer 100% Guarantee on our product and agree 1: 1 replacement or refund for defective goods
# OEM Cartridge     Model No Color Ink volume (ml) Compatible for printers 
1 PGI-125BK    Black 21.5 PIXMA
MG5210/MG6110/IP4810/IX6510/MG 6210/MG 5310/iP 4910
CLI-126BK  Black 11.5
CLI-126C   Cyan 11.5
CLI-126M  Magenta 11.5
CLI-126Y   Yellow 11.5
CLI-126GY Grey 11.5 PIXMA MG6110/ MG 6210
2 PGI-225BK   Black 21.5 PIXMA
IP4810/IP4820/IP4920/IX6520/MG5120/MG5220/MG5320/MG5220 RFB/MG6110/MG6120
MG6220 Refurbished MG8120/MG8120B/MX882/  MG8220/MG6220/MX712/MX892  iX6520
CLI-226BK   Black 11.5
CLI-226C    Cyan 11.5
CLI-226M   Magenta 11.5
CLI-226Y     Yellow 11.5
CLI-226GY Grey 21.5 PIXMA MG6110/MG6120/MG6220 Refurbished
MG8120/MG8120B /  MG8220/MG6220/MG5320
3 BCI-325BK   Black 21.5 PIXUS
IP4830/IX6530/MG5130/MG5230/MG6130/MG6230/MG8130/MG8230/MX883 /MG5330/Ip4930/MX893
BCI-326BK    Black 11.5
BCI-326C     Cyan 11.5
BCI-326M   Magenta 11.5
BCI-326Y    Yellow 11.5
BCI-326GY Grey 11.5 PIXUS
4 PGI-425BK    Black 21.5 PIXMA MG5240/5140/6140/8140/ IP4840/ MX884/IX6540                                       /MG8240/6240/5340/ Ip4940/MX714/MX894
CLI-426BK  Black 11.5
CLI-426C   Cyan 11.5
CLI-426M  Magenta 11.5
CLI-426Y   Yellow 11.5
CLI-426GY Grey 11.5 PIXMA MG8140/6140  /MG8240/6240
5 PGI-525BK    Black 21.5 PIXMA
IP4850/IX6550/MG5150/MG5250/MG6150/MG8150/MX885 /MG8250/MG6250/MG5350/iP4950/MX715/MX895
CLI-526BK  Black 11.5
CLI-526C   Cyan 11.5
CLI-526M  Magenta 11.5
CLI-526Y   Yellow 11.5
CLI-526GY Grey 11.5 PIXMA MG6150/MG8150  /MG8250/MG6250
6 PGI-725BK   Black 21.5 PIXMA
IP4870/IP4970/IX6560/MG5170/MG5270/MG5370/MG6170/MG8170/MX886 /MG8270/MG6270/MX897
CLI-726BK   Black 11.5
CLI-726C    Cyan 11.5
CLI-726M   Magenta 11.5
CLI-726Y     Yellow 11.5
CLI-726GY Grey 11.5 PIXMA MG6170/MG8170/MG8270/MG6270
7 PGI-825BK    Black 21.5 PIXMA
IP4880/IX6580/MG5180/MG5280/MG6180/MG8180/MX888/iP4980  MG8280/MG6280/MX898/MG5380
CLI-826BK    Black 11.5
CLI-826C   Cyan 11.5
CLI-826M    Magenta 11.5
CLI-826Y    Yellow 11.5
CLI-826GY Grey 11.5 PIXMA MG6180/MG8180  MG8280/MG6280
Ink Cartridge with Chip for Canon Printer Pgi-525 Cli-526, Pgi-225 Cli226