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Enhance Your Restaurant with Our Top POS Software in India. Streamline operations and elevate your dining experience today!

Dynzol Restaurant POS Software is a versatile solution for restaurant operations. It's designed to work seamlessly as a computer application or a web-based system. Developed using PHP and the CodeIgniter framework, it includes JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, and SQL files. This software is compatible with a range of browsers, including IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, and Edge. It simplifies and automates restaurant management tasks, and you don't need coding skills to use it.


  • Admin Panel

  • Employee Panel

  • Categories Management

  • Products Management

  • Restaurants Management

  • Table Management

  • Orders Management

  • View Total Earnings, Paid and Unpaid Bills

  • View Monthly Reports

  • Print Invoice

  • Profit/Loss Report

  • Manage Company Information

  • View and Update Profile

  • Advanced Search

  • User Groups Management

  • Users Management

  • Users Roles Based Access

  • 24/7 Support

  • 30 Days Free Support

  • Our products are Easy Installation & Configuration

  • Our Codes are reusability

  • Our products are Safe & Secure


Admin Panel

Admin Panel is a powerful tool that empowers restaurant administrators to efficiently manage various aspects of the restaurant, from menu updates to order tracking and analytics. It ensures smooth operations and a satisfying dining experience for customers.

Dynzol Admin Panel Dashboard
Dynzol User Management

User Management

Admin can oversee and control user accounts, ensuring security and personalized experiences for both customers and staff.

User Groups Management

This allows for the efficient organization and administration of users into groups, streamlining access control and permissions.

Dynzol User Groups Management
Dynzol User Access

Set User's Access

Admin can set and control what specific users can access within the system, ensuring a secure and tailored experience.

Restaurant Management

This simplifies the oversight of multiple restaurant locations, optimizing inventory and operations. This feature is valuable for restaurant chains.

Dynzol Restaurant Management
Dynzol Restaurant Table Management

Restaurant's Table Management

Our Script allows for efficient oversight of table reservations and allocation, ensuring a smooth and organized dining experience for customers.

Product And Categories Management

This simplifies the process of adding, updating, and organizing menu items and categories, ensuring an up-to-date and well-structured menu.

Dynzol Products Management
Dynzol Food Orders Management

Manage Food Orders

The ability to manage food orders in the This streamlines the process of handling customer orders, from taking orders to tracking their status, ensuring efficient order fulfillment.

View Total Earnings, Paid And Unpaid Bills

This provides a summary of total earnings and distinguishes between paid and unpaid bills. This feature allows for an easy overview of financial transactions and outstanding payments.

View Monthly Reports

Our Script offers the capability to view monthly reports, providing insights into performance and data trends on a month-to-month basis.

Dynzol Monthly Reports
Dynzol Print Invoice

Generate Invoice

This automates the creation of accurate bills for customers, including itemized details, taxes, and additional charges. It offers various payment methods for a seamless and organized transaction process, improving the dining experience.

Manage Company Information

Admin allows for the management of company information, making it easy to update and organize essential details about the business.

View And Update Profile

This enables both customers and restaurant staff to access and modify their profiles, enhancing personalization and efficiency in the dining experience.

Dynzol View and Update Profile

Search Functionalities

This feature allows users to quickly find and access specific information or content within the system, improving navigation and efficiency.

Employee Panel

This provides essential tools for staff members. It includes features for order management, table service, and communication, allowing employees to efficiently serve customers and streamline restaurant operations.

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