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Discover the best hospital management system to enhance patient care, staff efficiency, and administrative tasks. Get started now!

Doczol Hospital Management Software is designed to streamline hospital operations, saving valuable time and enhancing overall efficiency. This comprehensive and adaptable management software is ideal for hospitals and clinics, offering a range of features to support daily routines such as patient registration, check-ups, prescription management, laboratory tests, and medical inventory tracking. Additionally, it can generate essential reports vital for hospital management. This Script consists of eight user account modules, making it easy to access various resource information. These modules include Doctor, Patient, Nurse, Pharmacist, Laboratories, Accountant, Payment, and Medicine. Doctors can view patient appointments, maintain patient records, and facilitate seamless communication between doctors and patients.



Admin Panel Manage Doctors Make Appointments Bed Allotment Patient Reports Manage Nurses Manage Patients Patient Admit History Manage Pharmacists Pharmacist Panel Manage Laboratorists Diagnosis Report Blood Bank Management Manage Accountants Invoice Management


Admin Panel

Hospital management software often include essential admin panel features such as user management, patient records management, appointment scheduling, billing and invoicing, inventory management, and reporting tools to streamline hospital operations effectively.

Doczol Admin Panel Dashboard
Doczol Manage Departments

Manage Departments

Setting up a doctor's department in a hospital management system involves creating profiles for doctors, specifying their specialties, assigning them to specific wards or clinics, and integrating their schedules for appointments and rounds. This ensures efficient patient care and resource allocation.

Manage Doctors

Doctor management in a hospital system involves overseeing the scheduling, allocation of duties, and record-keeping for healthcare professionals, ensuring efficient patient care and resource utilization.

Doczol Manage Doctors
Doczol Manage Patients

Manage Patients

Efficiently managing patient reports is a key component of a hospital management software, allowing healthcare providers to organize and access essential medical information for better patient care.

Manage Nurses

Nurse panels within hospital management software streamline healthcare workflows. Nurses can efficiently manage patient care tasks.

Doczol Manage Nurses
Doczol Manage Pharmacists

Manage Pharmacists

Pharmacists can oversee medication dispensing and administration, ensuring coordinated and safe healthcare delivery.

Manage Laboratorists

Admin can manage laboratorists such as adding, editing and deleting.

Doczol Manage Laboratorists
Doczol Manage Accountants

Manage Accountants

An accountant panel in our scripts simplifies financial transactions, billing, and revenue management, ensuring accurate financial records and compliance with healthcare accounting standards.

Manage Noticeboard

Admin can add notice which will be showing in dashboard of all users.

Doczol Manage Noticeboard
Doczol Manage Invoices

Manage Invoices

Invoice management features are crucial for a hospital management software as they streamline billing processes, improve accuracy, and enhance financial tracking.

Manage Appointments

Our doctor panel features provide seamless communication and coordination for healthcare professionals, enhancing patient care and efficiency.Our hospital management software with our advanced appointment features. Simplify patient bookings online with real-time availability, automatic reminders, and easy rescheduling.

Doczol Manage Appointments
Doczol Manage Medicines

Manage Medicines

With the help of pharmacist credentials login, pharmacist can manage medicines and their categories.

Manage Bed

Bed management is a crucial aspect of hospital operations, ensuring efficient patient flow and resource allocation. This plays a critical role in streamlining bed management processes, providing real-time visibility into bed availability and patient status. This will be handled by nurses.

Doczol Manage Bed
Doczol Blood Bank Management

Blood Bank Management

Blood bank management is a important aspect of hospital operations, ensuring the availability of safe and life-saving blood products for patients in need. Our software plays a crucial role in streamlining blood bank processes, providing real-time visibility into blood inventory, donor management, and transfusion procedures.

Patient Panel

Admitting patients and maintaining their admission history is a fundamental function of a hospital management software. It ensures efficient patient registration and tracks their admission records for better healthcare management. Patient also can check their admission and payment history.

Doczol Patient Panel
Doczol Admin Monitor

Admin Monitor

Admin can monitor appointments, payments, bed status, blood bank, medicines, operation and reports.

Profile Update

Updating user profiles in a hospital management software is crucial for maintaining accurate and current information about healthcare professionals and staff.

Doczol Profile Update

System Settings

System settings are essential for configuring and customizing a hospital management software to meet specific healthcare facility needs and requirements.

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