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Basic Info.

Model NO.
>5 Years Old
Suitable for
Amusement Park
Custom Design
Allowable Passenger
1 Piece
Shipping Method
by Sea/ Express/ Air
Payment Method
30% Deposit First or Full Pay
UV Printing or Digital Printing
Air Pump, Ropes, Repair Kits
Transport Package
Carton or PVC Bag
Custom Design
HS Code
Production Capacity
1000 PCS Per Month

Product Description

Product Details:
Material 0.9mm PVC Tarpaulin
Logo Accept to Custom
Size As the picture or Customized
Color As the picture or Customized
Features Durable, Fire Resistance, Waterproof, Fun
Warranty 2 Years
Accessories Air Pump, Ropes, Repair Kits
Production Time Usually 10-15 days per set

Product Production Process:
  1. Material selection: Inflatable water parks are typically made of different thickness PVC Tarpaulin materials. These materials have advantages such as waterproofing, abrasion resistance, and high temperature resistance.

  2. Design: The design process is critical, considering the dimensions, shapes, colors, safety, and other aspects of the equipment. Manufacturers need to communicate with customers to understand their needs and ideas in order to create an ideal product.

  3. Manufacturing: The manufacturing process includes cutting, sewing, welding, and other steps. First, the PVC or TPU material is cut into the required shape, and then it is sewn or welded together to form a complete device. In the manufacturing process, it is necessary to ensure that all connection points are sturdy and reliable, and there are no leaks.

  4. Testing: After manufacturing, the manufacturer needs to test each device to ensure that it meets quality standards. Testing includes pressure testing, strength testing, durability testing, and more, to ensure device safety and reliability.

  5. Transportation and installation: After testing, the inflatable water park will be disassembled and transported to its destination. During installation, special attention must be paid to the location of the equipment, inflation levels, and surrounding environment. The installation process must strictly follow the manufacturer's installation manual and related regulations.

Product Manufacturing Process:
  1. Sketch design: Before starting the design, a sketch design is needed to draw the size, shape and layout of the equipment based on customer needs and site conditions.

  2. 3D modeling: Based on the sketch design, 3D modeling is carried out using computer software. At this time, modifications and improvements can be made to the design, and the device effect can be previewed for better communication and confirmation with customers.

  3. Printing: Printing is to print colors and patterns on PVC Tarpaulin for better appearance. Digital printing or screen printing is usually used for printing.

  4. Cutting: According to the results of 3D modeling, PVC Tarpaulin is cut by a CNC cutting machine to obtain the desired size and shape.

  5. Sewing: Sewing is to sew the required materials together to make an inflatable device. Sewing methods include manual sewing and machine sewing.

  6. Welding: Welding is to fuse PVC Tarpaulin material together using high-frequency electric heating to achieve connection. Welding provides a more robust connection than sewing.

  7. Inflation and testing: After completing the production of the inflatable equipment, it needs to be inflated and tested. The inflation process needs to control the air pressure, and the gas should not exceed the safety range when it is filled with gas. Testing needs to check whether the equipment leaks, withstands capacity, etc., to ensure that the device is safe and reliable.

  8. Installation and storage: The inflatable water park needs to be installed before use and stored when not in use. Installation and storage need to pay attention to the position of the equipment, inflation level, sun protection, moisture-proof, and other issues.