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Are you a GST Registered Business?
File Your Annual Returns Timely with our Expert Assistance!
What is an Annual GST Return?
Annual GST Returns is a consolidated document providing information about the monthly or quarterly returns filed during the financial year. It is filed in the GSTR-9 form.
How We Help?
Expert guidance and support throughout the filing process
Timely and accurate submission to avoid penalties
Peace of mind knowing your GST compliance is in good hands
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Shareholder in a Company?
Here are the latest tax laws on your Dividend Income!
1. Income Tax: Dividend income received is now taxed at a rate of 10% for Indian Residents. For NRIs, this rate is 20%.
2. TDS Deduction: TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) is deducted at a rate of 10% on dividend income exceeding ₹5,000 in a financial year.
3. Who is liable to pay TDS?: Individuals receiving dividend income are liable to pay taxes on it. Businesses no longer have to pay Dividend Distribution Tax or D...  more
📊 Filing GST returns is vital for Indian businesses to comply with tax regulations and avoid penalties. Understanding the difference between monthly and quarterly filing methods is crucial. Both options offer benefits like Input Tax Credit and transparent financial records, aiding in stakeholder trust and maximizing government benefits. Stay informed for strategic decision-making!
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🔍 Learn how to effortlessly check your GST Composition Scheme status on the GST Portal. Simply log in securely, navigate to "Search Taxpayer," enter your GSTIN or State Details, and review the displayed status for compliance. Stay informed and compliant with ease!
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