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Liling Santang Ceramics manufacturing Co.,Ltd established in 1999 is a professional ceramics enterprise that integrates innovative design, intelligent manufacturing and multi-channel transaction of domestic ceramics, and possesses the all-domain industry chain. For more than 20 years, it has been devoted to integrating the history of Liling ceramics and the ceramic industry, and constructs the ceramic industry system that focuses on stoneware, with the annual output of 35 million pieces, the sales of 85 million yuan and the export of USD 10 million. As the supplier of some famous enterprises in the world, Santang Ceramics tries to integrate the different ceramic aesthetic demands and perceptions and devote the life art that integrates environmental protection, fashion and quality to millions of families at home and abroad. In recent years, Santang Ceramics has won honorary titles, such as Chinese quality and honest enterprise , high-tech enterprise in Hunan Province , international famous brand in Hunan Province , Level A honest tax-paying unit . As a vigorous innovative enterprise, the company has been focusing on the application and conversion of high-end ceramics R&D field. It has newly built the intelligent control production line of exported stoneware with the investment of around 70 million yuan. It has opened the brand-new layout of science and technology transformation, and showed its sustainable momentum in terms of efficiency-driven, product-leading and global management .Santang Ceramics  has endured great hardships in the early pioneering stage,pressed forward regardless of hardship in the progress, and riden on the crest of success in the prosperity,  It  never stops moving ahead firmly. By making goods with long-term perseverance and great originality. Santang Ceramics is pursuing its dreams all the time.With the unprecedented vigor and vitality, Santang staff is welcoming the guests from both home and abroad!