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  1. Zara

Zara is very famous brand. Everyone in the fashion field love wearing zara clothes. Zara is a international brand which s popular in many countries. It’s an expensive brand. It is well known for its funky styles clothes and accessories. Some people visit zara regularly. The quality of the Zara products is fabulous. It is not very much pocket friendly. They always introduce new designs and patters every time they launch some new items. It deals in all the fields. Every Zara showroom has 3 different sections which is men, women and kids. Zara is well known as it gives regular discounts on festival days. Each and every Zara product is very durable. Some people say that Zara is overpriced whereas some people say that it’s worth it. Overall we can say that zara is suitable for the people who love to try new designs and styles.



  1. Adidas

As everyone knows, Adidas is best for the shoes. Everyone wants a Adidas shoe in their shoe collection. Adidas is known for it’s extraordinary quality. Adidas is a sports style clothing and shoe brand’ they also deal in tracksuits for men women and kids. The person who likes to wear comfortable shoes will never neglect Adidas. There are many famous sports player associated with Adidas. It’s running shoes are considered the best. It’s dry fit cloths are the best in comparison with other brands. It’s not a cheap brand. Shoes from Adidas starts from 2-3thousand in India. It’s an international brand and loved throughout the world. Adidas sponsor many of the sports events. Adidas also sponsor a team if there is a national event going on. Some people consider it best for it’s fabulous quality and product reliability whereas some consider it overpriced