Dong guan Ruisheng Precision Technology Co. Ltd

Dong guan Ruisheng Precision Technology Co. Ltd favorite
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Room 102, Building No.9, Hongshi Road No.52, Yantian, Fenggang Town, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China 523702
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Runsom Precision a company specializing in rapid prototyping and manufacturing, has decades of experience in CNC machining, 3D printing, injection molding, sheet metal fabrication, and die casting. Our engineering team with extensive knowledge and experience utilizes the latest prototyping technologies and top-notch machining equipment to provide comprehensive services to satisfy global customers′ requirements, timescales, and specific needs. We are able to take your concepts or designs to reality production in just days with our advanced machining technologies, extensive manufacturing experience, and a wealth of premium materials.

Runsom provides high-quality and precision manufacturing services for customers around the world. It also has a range of surface preparation, assembly, packaging and shipping. Moreover, our team can provide professional modification opinions based on the difficulties in production engineering. Our unmatched capacity makes us manufacture parts with unrivaled speed and the highest quality standard, no matter for prototypes, low-volume production, or mass order.

What Makes Us Exceed the Counterparts

Economy and Efficiency

We carry out an efficient, accurate, and cost-effective process in-house to provide superior product results for your rapid prototyping or rapid manufacturing projects, which makes us outperform other counterparts who need to outsource your orders. This helps to save production costs up to 30% and save cycle time extremely.

Quality and Inspection

Superior measuring and testing equipment, as well as our highly skilled engineering, programming, QC teams, and technicians, allow us to make ultimate precision components with consistent quality.

Top Support for Customers

We are dedicated to offering our clients the best manufacturing services and overall machining processes. Our experts will engage in the whole stage of production runs from material selection to end-use production. We pursue valuable support for our customers beyond their imagination.