Have you ever found yourself wearing a new lipstick that looked amazing on models but awful on you? Hurts! Right?


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It's only a matter of playing the game of choosing the appropriate lipstick colours; it doesn't mean you look any less attractive than those ladies. By using the appropriate lipstick hue that complements your distinctive characteristics, you may rock the look regardless of your face shape, skin tone, or lip shape.


But how can someone who buys lipstick online or browses a product catalogue select the "correct lipstick colour"? Well, instead of concentrating on the colour of your lips, pay attention to these three crucial factors:


  • Your skin's texture
  • Your Skin's Shade
  • Your Favorite Look


This article will assist you in choosing the ideal lipstick shade for yourself by providing step-by-step instructions that prioritise the factors discussed above. Let's start!


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Picking Lipstick Colors for Your Skin Tone

Overtone and undertone are the two main tones of our skin. The word "skin undertone" refers to the delicate hue visible beneath the skin surface, whereas the term "skin overtone" (also known as "the complexion") refers to the surface colour of our skin that is dictated by the amount of melanin (skin pigment) present in the uppermost layer. Five basic skin overtones—Deep, tanned, medium, light, and fair—as well as three main ones—Cool, Warm, and Neutral—are present. These skin tone characteristics are very important to consider while selecting the foundation, concealer, blush, or even the colour of your lipstick.

Step One- Determine Your Skin Complexion


Examine your skin in the natural light


  • If your skin is very pale and translucent with visible freckles, you have a fair complexion.
  • If your skin is bright, has visible redness, and is sunburned easily, your complexion is light.
  • If you have a glowing skin colour with a hint of yellowish pink and your skin does not get quickly burned by sunlight, your complexion is medium.
  • If your skin looks tanned even in the cold weather and has an olive cast, then you have a tanned complexion.
  • Lastly, if your skin is thick and your tone is brown or dark, then the complexion of your skin is deep.


Now that you are aware of the colour of your skin, you can select the best lipstick colours to complement your undertone. are some recommendations -


  • Red, Bronze, Purple, Copper Brown, and Maroon are the best lip colours for people with deep complexions.
  • The best lipstick colours for tanned skin are magenta, taupe, brown, and neutral.
  • The best lipstick colours for those with medium skin tones are maroon, brown, purple, fuchsia, nude, and red.
  • Orange, Rose Pink, Red, Purple, Brown, and Nude are the best lipstick colours for light complexions.
  • Best lipstick colours for fair skin: all tones, but notably light colours like peach and red.

Know your skin's undertone in step two.

Understanding your skin undertone can be done in a variety of methods. The simplest method is to check your wrist vein's colour.


  • You have cool skin tone if your veins are blue or purple in colour.
  • Your skin has a warm undertone if the veins in your wrists seem green in colour.
  • If you can't distinguish whether your veins are blue or green, then you probably have a neutral skin tone. 
  • Olive-skinned people typically have neutral undertones, which choose colours from both the cool and warm spectrum.

Wear a golden bracelet and a silver bracelet; if the silver bracelet looks better, you have a cool undertone. This is another method of determining your skin's undertone. 


On the other hand, a warm undertone enhances the appearance of the golden bracelet. 


Both golden and silver bracelets look better on people with neutral undertones. Now that you are aware of your skin's undertone, choose the lip colour that looks the best on you. -


Lipstick colours that go well with a cool undertone : You are cool-toned if your skin has a pink, red, or blue tone. The best lipstick colour for cold undertones is blue or purple undertones. For a more delicate appearance, you can also use cool-toned mauves and pinks, while a bolder choice would be cool-toned reds and berries.


Lipstick That Looks Well With An Olive or Neutral Undertone: You are neutral-toned if the innermost layer of your skin combines the colours pink and yellow. Fortunately, a wide variety of hues go well with this undertone, so women with a neutral undertone can look great in any lipstick shade. The finest colour choices for different skin tones are pink for light skin, mauve for medium skin, and berry for dark skin. Everything will look fantastic, from delicate light wines to dark wines. Also great for your undertone are lipstick shades like plum red and cool-toned red.


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Choose the Proper Lipstick for Your Ideal Look

Since lipstick cosmetics have evolved, there are now hundreds of thousands of different lipstick colours, formulas, and textures available. Given the wide variety of lipstick textures available, you must choose the one that best suits your personality and desired aesthetic. The most common lipstick varieties are:


Satin vs. sheer : Lipsticks in the sheer/satin category give your lips a supple, moisturised appearance. These lipstick varieties are perfect for days when you don't want to wear any heavy makeup or prefer to go without makeup altogether. Lips are given a soft wash of colour by sheer or satin lipsticks, which you may build up by adding additional coats. These lipsticks are fairly smooth and hydrating. Your lips will stay smooth and supple all day long thanks to the moisturising ingredients in these lipsticks.


Creamy: Creamy lipsticks combine the moisturising qualities of satin lipstick with the matte finish of lipstick. Compared to sheer or satin lipsticks, these lipsticks slide on your lips with ease and offer better coverage. Try the Lipstick Trio (Daily collection) and Lipstick Trio from the Makeup Studio when you want colour and proper nourishing (Party Collection). These lipsticks provide a mesmerising lip colour, and the formula, which contains moisturiser, keeps your lips nourished and plump all day.


Matte: Matte lipstick is the way to go if you're searching for a lipstick with a lot of colour and a long wear time. These lipsticks have a strong matte finish and a lot of pigmentation. Inadequate lip preparation could cause this type of lipstick to dry up your lips because it contains so little oil. The Makeup Studio's Durable Lip Liquid Matte line is available for trial. Long-lasting and providing a strong colour payoff, these lipsticks. They won't dry out your lips and are also waterproof and incredibly light.

In conclusion

In addition to the aforementioned guidelines, other factors like lipstick cost, lipstick brands, and product quality can be taken into account when selecting a lipstick. A final lesson here is to always select a lipstick shade that is two tones darker than the colour of your lips (particularly applicable if you want a fuller look but have pigmented lips)

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